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In Boxing Race Doesn't Matter

Deeandre' Babydaddy
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      12-26-2006, 06:59 PM
I received a fair amount of hate replies over my 'Whites Dominate Boxing'
post. Many went to great lengths to point out that, at least among
heavyweights, this is an Eastern European takeover. And naturally I got
plenty of "who cares what they color are". This translates as it’s OK to
shout from the rooftops about Venus Williams being a black tennis champ but
we should remain silent about Wladimir Klitschko being a white boxing

Of course I was trying to elicit a response about the double standard we
have in this nation about race. The pendulum has swung the other way and
blacks are now the favored race in this nation. Next time you watch
television or look at adverts in a magazine take notice of how often you
notice a black face or at least a mulatto. Is it more than 12% of the ads?
Black is the new White. Notice how Hollywood feels compelled to insert
black characters into plots where they just don’t fit in and also take note
and how they are always portrayed as noble characters. Keep in mind these
portrayals only apply to movies that they market to a wider racial
audience. Black films marketed toward blacks still portray blacks as
buffoons. Interesting.

Professional sports are really just the kissing cousins of Hollywood. It’s
heavily marketed and over hyped. In this nation we have made been sold two
assumptions. One is that we are athletically superior to the rest of the
world and two that blacks are superior to whites in athletics. Neither or
course is intrinsically true. Yes we have had great success in sports but
this has largely been due to the fact that we have the luxury to indulge
athletes. It’s been nearly 150 years since we have had war on out soil and
no one can argue that we are an affluent nation. Our poor generally have it
easy compared to most of the world’s poor. Blacks in this nation have
generally been successful in sports in this nation because as they have
invested far more into sports that anything else and whites have generally
retreated from sports as a career path.

If you want to know why the NBA is virtually all black just go to any park
in any black neighborhood and notice how many kids are playing hoops. Now
make a trip to a white neighborhood and notice the cobwebs growing around
the rims. Athletics are largely driven by culture. Why do the Bulgarians
produce the world’s strongest weightlifters? Why do Kenyans produce the
best distance runners? Why are Canadians the best hockey players in the
world? Genetics cannot really explain this. It’s culture.

Now I would argue that in this nation the disparity between whites and
blacks in sports like basketball, football and boxing is largely a cultural
phenomenon. I’ve coached youth sports and have never noticed any real
intrinsic differences between the physical attributes of black and white
kids. Some blacks may have an edge on speed and conversely whites seem to
have the edge on strength but generally no race has some overwhelming edge.

The difference is this. As time goes on the average white athlete will
expand his horizons a bit in scholastics and with other interests besides
sports. The average black athlete will pour everything into sports often at
the expense of everything else. When competitive sports comes to an end the
average white athlete will have developed hundreds of skills applicable to
thousands of options in life. That’s why you find so many successful whites
that were athletes when they were young. The black athlete puts all his
eggs in one basket and when the payoff falls through he becomes a wash out.
If he’s lucky he goes pro but this single-minded devotion to sports goes a
long way to explaining the one-dimensional characteristics of many
professional black athletes. They just haven’t developed the necessary
social skills to succeed in anything beyond playing games.

Most whites in this nation have little to no exposure to blacks so they
aren’t really aware of this phenomenon. Not having exposure to blacks they
are ripe to buy into the Super Negro template of professional athletics.
They also find it more interesting to watch the exotic and often dangerous
- bad nigger - act out his pathologies on national TV. What’s so
interesting in watching a white guy playing well even if he is better? They
can see that anywhere in their all white world.

All this bullshit conspires to tell the white kid that there’s no use
trying to make it to the NBA because you can never compete with the blacks.
In the long run this is no big deal because you’re better off focusing on
getting a useful profession as opposed to playing games. But if you can
follow my stream of consciousness this all ties into to the cultural drive
that says blacks are better athletes than whites in this nation. Similar
notions are operating in Bulgaria with Olympic weightlifting and in Kenya
with marathon running. If you can’t follow this then you’re just an

This black athletic superiority concept is so ingrained in our culture
that no one blinks an eye when media figures like Bryant Gumbel say things
about the Winter Olympics like, "So try not to laugh when someone says
these are the world’s greatest athletes, despite a paucity of blacks that
makes the Winter Games look like a GOP convention." What was Gumbel saying
here? He was saying that blacks are superior to whites athletically.

You may agree with him but then you would also have to apply the same
logic and agree that whites are inherently smarter than blacks and that
blacks are more criminally inclined than whites. Now many of you
whole-heartedly agree with this logic. I don’t and never will. This is
precisely why I’m not a racist and people like Gumbel are.

You see with this sort of thing you can’t have it both ways. You can’t
believe that blacks are genetically superior to whites in athletics but
then say there are no differences when it comes to intelligence. You can
claim this but you can’t have it both ways. So what we have in this nation
is an overt worship and acceptance of black superiority in athletics but a
double standard when it comes to the intelligence of blacks. These dumb
shits that believe in the 'Super Negro' in sports also quietly believe that
he is a dumb Neanderthal although they would never admit it.

This my friends is the essence of racism. It’s not the knuckle-dragging
thug that beats someone up because of his race. That jackass is violent and
only seeks violence. He’s also a powerless player in society. It’s the
otherwise educated public that pigeonholes people into typecast. White boys
can’t be basketball players. Black boys can’t be doctors. Do you see the
point I’m making? It’s cultural not genetic. That’s always been my main
theme. Genetic theories are a cop out, an excuse for failure and

So what does all this bullshit have to do with boxing? Everything my
friends. Prior to Joe Louis it was a commonly held belief that whites were
naturally superior to blacks in boxing. He was initially seen as a fluke
and many disliked him because they just didn’t like Negroes. Eventually
though he was America’s champion and no good American rooted for the German
Max Schmelling over Joe Louis because of race. Joe was one of us. Joe Louis
was surely an inspiration to many young blacks kids and in the next 30
years we were given a slew of great black heavy weights. Unfortunately
during this time we bought into the opposite myth that was held just a few
decades early and now the belief was that blacks were inherently better
boxers than whites.

So here we are 60 years after the Brown Bomber dominated the game. Whites
hold 15 of the 24 belts in the middle to heavy weight divisions. All the
heavy weight belts are held by whites and most of the serious talent coming
up the heavyweight ranks is white. Apologists for American boxing who’ve
bought into the racist template of sports have pulled out all the excuses
because this just doesn’t jive with their worldview. Like Bryant Gumbel and
his asinine comment about Winter Olympics they just can’t accept the
concept that blacks are not dominating in boxing. I can only assume they
would be suspicious of going to see a black doctor. After all how could a
black guy possibly finish medical school? This must be indicative that all
the real smart whites are pursuing law careers.

In writing Whites Dominate Boxing I was implicitly addressing this issue
and as usual the knuckleheads came out to either call me a racist or shout,
"zig heil". Both groups can go **** themselves. The white guys that now
hold the heavyweight belts got them because they worked harder and are
better fighters that anyone else. It has nothing to do with race or some
secret only they are in on. You see, inadvertently they broke down another
racial myth that we held dear and this is a good thing. If you can’t see
this or accept this then it’s you that is the racist.

Kickin' it wit' my ho,
-- Deeandre' Babydaddy

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