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Help for my pentax espio 738

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      09-15-2003, 07:13 PM
My point & shoot camera (pentax espio 738) accidently dropped into
water for several minutes. When I picked up, the motor was keeping on
running and the film had rewind back. After I cleaned and disassembled
it, I think it is dry now. When I put battery back, there is a 'H1'
sign on the LCD. BTW, I have tested battery with multimeter, the
voltage is OK.
Unfortunately, I cannot find the instruction manual of my camera.
Could you tell me the meaning of 'H1'?
And any repairing tips for a water damaged camera? I know, this is not
an expensive one. But I still want to have a try and learn something
beyond careless.

Thanks in advance.
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