Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by Sir John Howard, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Yawn

    "The Labour Party is corrupt beyond redemption!"
    - Labour hasbeen Mark Latham in a moment of honest clarity.

    "Silly old bugger!"
    - Well known ACTU pisspot and sometime Labour prime minister Bob Hawke
    responding to a pensioner who dared ask for more.

    "God save the Queen because nothing will save the governor general!"
    - Egotistical shithead and pompous fuckwit E.G. Whitlam whining about his
    appointee John Kerr.
    Sir John Howard, Feb 1, 2009
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  2. Presented by
    Phillip Adams

    Malaika Mukantare

    Death of pregnant mother Malaika Mukantare declared major crime
    Article from: The Advertiser

    February 02, 2009 06:26pm

    POLICE investigating the murder of a pregnant mother in a New Year's
    Day fire are hunting an intruder seen near her flat shortly before
    she died.

    Police today declared the death of Malaika Mukantare in her Camden
    Park unit on January 1 about 3am a major crime.

    Police are calling on anyone who may have seen or heard an intruder
    near the Anzac Hwy units, or who may have had a similar experience.

    Ms Mukantare, 21, was pregnant when she died. Her partner Luka
    Kageregere and their son Joseph escaped the fire.

    Anyone with information should phone BankSA Crime Stoppers 1800 333

    Coppers sure are slow

    blind freddy could see this slimy little racist creep posting as
    "little Johnny Howard" and his socks , and mates are as guilty as

    Sooner or later even the coppers will be forced to arrest him

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    kangarooistan, Feb 3, 2009
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