135mm lens for Pentax *ist DL DSLR?

Discussion in 'Photography' started by J, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. J

    J Guest

    A friend of mine just bought a second-hand Pentax *ist DL DSLR on ebay and
    needs a lens which excternds to 135mm for his needs, but he's asked which
    lens he can actually use with this model as there seems to be some
    diferences in the 'types' of 13mm lenese available and these are known by
    different letters in the model type, like 'DA' or FA J lenses. Anyone know
    which he should go for?

    J, Aug 14, 2012
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  2. J

    otter Guest


    In the specifications section, look at "lens mount". This was from a
    quick google, and all I know about this camera. Google more, and you
    may find out more.
    otter, Aug 14, 2012
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