20D Settings Inconsistency

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by WormWood, May 19, 2005.

  1. WormWood

    WormWood Guest

    I'm very confused by this and cannot find an explanation.

    I have a 20D with a Canon 70-200 f4L lens attached.

    The following was done zoomed to 200

    One: Using the Basic Zone setting of Sports, I aim at a given outdoors area
    and it shows the camera is going to take a picture using a shutter speed of
    1/2000 at f7.1 The end result is a decent picture.

    Two: Using the Creative Zone setting of Tv and setting the shutter speed to
    1/2000, the lcd indicates a wide open aperture of 4.0 is insufficent, and
    the resulting picture *is* underexposed.

    Three: Using the Creative Zone setting of Av, and setting the aperture to
    7.1 results in the camera setting the shutter speed to 1/500 of a second,
    and taking a perfectly acceptable picture.

    I can, to some degree, understand the different shutter speed selections
    between 'One' and 'Three'. As I understand it the camera is deciding (in
    Three) that at f7.1 a shutter speed of 1/500 will produce the 'best'
    picture...so no big deal there.

    What has me totally boggled is why a shutter speed of 1/2000 of a second in
    situation 'One' is so very different from a shutter speed of 1/2000 of a
    second in situation 'Two'. The resulting picture in 'Two' is unusable unless
    it were to be tweaked in Photoshop or something similar.

    WormWood, May 19, 2005
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  2. WormWood

    David Ellis Guest

    Are you using the same metering mode in basic and creative zones? Have
    you accidentally moved the Quick Control dial, creating an unwanted
    exposure bias?
    David Ellis, May 19, 2005
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  3. WormWood

    PRAR Guest

    DERWENT 20D Settings Inconsistency
    Try setting the ISO rating to 1600 or 3200.

    The ability to alter the sensitivity of the "film" on the fly, and for
    each shot is one of the big difference I've discovered between
    shooting film and shooting digital.

    <http://www.i.am/prar/> and <http://prar.fotopic.net/>
    As long as people will accept crap, it will be financially profitable to dispense it. --Dick Cavett
    Please reply to the newsgroup. That is why it exists.
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    - If you must email me use the Reply to address and not
    PRAR, May 19, 2005
  4. WormWood

    Capture Boy Guest

    Check to see what ISO setting the camera chose in Sports Mode.

    The camera in 'One' may of chosen a faster ISO than you did in 'TWO'
    resulting in the underexposure.
    Capture Boy, May 19, 2005
  5. Yes, ISO is boosted in Sports mode.
    Charles Schuler, May 19, 2005
  6. WormWood

    WormWood Guest

    Thanks people. I am feeling like a dummy. I forgot that in Basic Zone the
    camera will choose an ISO iso range from 100 to 400. In this instance it
    chose 400, while in my example 'Two' it remained at 100. I suspected it was
    something very simple....I was staring right at it, but not 'seeing' it.

    WormWood, May 19, 2005
  7. Join the group. Even a cell phone intimidates many of us. The modern
    technology that we avidly buy is often so "feature rich" that the basic
    functions are obscured. Life just gets more complex!

    Question: Could Albert Einstein program a VCR? Answer: Why would he want
    Charles Schuler, May 19, 2005
  8. WormWood

    Douglas Guest

    Some quirks of the 20D are:

    In sports mode it will automatically select a film speed of 1600 ot 3200.

    There is a custom function to allow ISO expansion. This will permit the
    camera to increase ISO to match settings you choose or lighting.

    Best advise is to take one function at a time and read up on it. When you
    understand that one, choose another until all of a sudden, you are a
    proficient 20D users!

    Douglas, May 20, 2005
  9. WormWood

    WormWood Guest

    I'm making headway...there's a lot to learn...I guess that's why this camera
    is the gem it is.

    WormWood, May 20, 2005
  10. WormWood

    Paul Furman Guest

    I tried running my D70 in auto-ISO for a while but found it frustrating
    that I never knew what the durn thing was going to do. Now I mess up &
    leave it at high ISO when I don't mean to but at leat I know ho to blame.
    Paul Furman, May 20, 2005
  11. I've never seen the camera, but could the "Sports" mode have been using a
    higher ISO than in the creative modes? Also, what was the weather like?
    Did/could a lump of cloud have drifted over between the first and later

    Just thinking aloud.

    Graham Holden (g-holden AT dircon DOT co DOT uk)
    Graham Holden, May 20, 2005
  12. WormWood

    WormWood Guest

    That's exactly what it was doing Graham. Sometimes auto stuff is a pain in
    the butt...as a result of this snafu I have been motivated to play with the
    Crative Zones (bye bye auto stuff) on this camera...and am finding them
    useful and interesting. I am slowly, but surely, climbing this learning

    WormWood, May 20, 2005
  13. I thought it was set to ISO 400 in Sports mode. Can you provide a link or
    Charles Schuler, May 20, 2005
  14. WormWood

    WormWood Guest


    I just checked my manual, and I quote:

    "ISO Speed in the Basic Zone Modes"
    "The ISO speed is set automatically within ISO 100-400"

    and...Sports is one of the settings within the Basic Zone

    so....Douglas is mistaken when he says 1600 or 3200

    WormWood, May 20, 2005
  15. WormWood

    JPS Guest

    In message <>,
    I just put my 20D in sports mode (I have never had it in any of the
    basic modes before), and pointed into a dark corner of a dark room, and
    it took an ISO 400 image.
    JPS, May 24, 2005
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