2GB xD card in Fuji FinePix F10?

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by Tony Sivori, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. Tony Sivori

    Tony Sivori Guest

    Camera documentation says 1GB is the limit. Has anyone tried a 2Gb card in
    the F10, and if so did it work?
    Tony Sivori, Jul 5, 2008
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  2. Tony Sivori

    Tony Sivori Guest

    Nice find, Blinky. I see that it will take a 2 GB xD card in type M, M+,
    and H.

    Prior to posting I tried to help myself with a Google web search (no luck
    on a usenet search, either). What I got was a fair example of the decay of
    the usefulness of Google web search results.


    Most results were vendors and individuals selling F10s and xD cards.

    A few of the sellers implied that the 2 GB card worked with the F10. But
    most of those were in the UK, so I was concerned that the U.S. F10 might
    be a different version. Worse, there were nonsense results like this one:


    [BEGIN nonsense quote from how-to-upgrade.com]

    How to Upgrade Your Fuji Film FinePix F10

    According to industry reports, doubling the amount of RAM (memory) in your
    Fuji Film FinePix F10 could improve your computer performance by 50%.

    How Can Adding Memory Improve My Fuji Film FinePix F10 Performance?

    Improving your performance means your computer will be able to run
    multiple programs simultaneously. Say goodbye to running only one program
    at a time and hello to multi-tasking! Now you can leave your email program
    open as well as Microsoft Word, Quicken, and still surf the web! All you
    have to do is just toggle back and forth between all the different
    programs as you please. Best of all, it won't freeze up your computer as
    you do it if you have the extra memory!

    Plus, Increased Speed!

    More memory will also result in a faster startup of your computer. No more
    waiting the two or three minutes for your computer to boot up. Have you
    ever just wanted to quickly look something up on the web, or just check
    your email but didn't want to take the time to wait forever for your
    machine to start up? I know I have, and it is frustrating that you paid so
    much for your Fuji Film but can't use it for such simple things. Again,
    the leading benchmark testing companies say your machine will start
    approximately 33% faster just by doubling the memory

    [END nonsense quote from how-to-upgrade.com]

    So apparently, with a 2 GB xD card in my F10, I'll be able to run
    Microsoft Word, Quicken, "and still surf the web!"

    There were also the old reviews of the F10, back from when it was a new

    The first search result from a Fuji company web page is about 75 links
    down the page, and it is a link to a pdf of the F10 user manual.
    Tony Sivori, Jul 5, 2008
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  3. Tony Sivori

    Tony Sivori Guest

    I don't mind their sponsored links - at least not as long as they stay
    clearly marked, off to the right and above the actual search results in a
    yellow box.
    Trying that, the number one result is still a vendor. After a very quick
    skim of the results, it looks like about 50% are still vendors, just not
    ebay and amazon. On the good side, relevant results do rank higher.
    That is interesting. My current card is a 1 GB H type. Circuit City has 2
    GB M+ cards (which claim 50% faster writes than plain M type) on sale this
    week for $30. If I can find the time, I think I'll pick up one.
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    If you do want to lie, here is an example from someone who seems to have
    much practice:


    If that doesn't work, here's some nice porn for you:

    Tony Sivori, Jul 6, 2008
  4. Tony Sivori

    Tony Sivori Guest

    Yep, xD is still substantially more expensive than other card types. It's
    not often I'll let myself be locked in by proprietary hardware, but I just
    couldn't pass up the fantastic low light capability and battery life of
    the F10. It's been a good tool, and a nice toy.
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    Tony Sivori, Jul 7, 2008
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