2nd opinion on my chosen digital camera please

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Iain Robinson, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. Hi all.

    I've earned myself £300-400 (I'm in the UK) to spend on a new digital
    camera to replace my current one. I decided what was important to me and
    after a long trawl through magazines and countless websites over xmas I
    decided upon a Sony DSC-V3 (a 7MP 'prosumer' model). My criteria being;
    at least 5MP, can save in uncompressed formats (ideally TIF), is quick
    to turn on, quick to focus, have some sort of burst mode and be able to
    take half-decent video clips. I know the DSC-V3 is not necessarily best
    in class at any of those things but is pretty good at them all and is
    going to be way better than my current one. Not sure I necessarily need
    a 7MP model, that's just what my chosen camera was - I want to be able
    to do 10x8 prints and have scope for cropping if required. I will be
    taking everything from family snaps to holiday pics to arty
    compositions. I realise that the DSC-V3 is not a current model but it
    ticks all the boxes. So, onto my questions;

    (1) - Do the experts think my choice is reasonable? Any other
    recommendations to consider? I do feel I have done my homework on this -
    there were several good models let down by only saving to JPG.

    (2) - Regardless of (1), are 'compatible' camera batteries any good
    (providing they are of a similar capacity)? Looking around I saw one
    half the price of an official Sony one and it had an almost identical
    spec (Nominal Voltage & Capacity). Wouldn't really want to cut corners
    too much in the battery department but half price is half price!

    (3) - Looking around the web no-one seems to agree about whether buying
    faster CF cards are actually worth it (for the average user). Do the
    experts think it would be worth it for a camera such as the DSC-V3?
    Anyone recommend 'PQI' as a make?

    Any feedback greatly appreciated.

    Iain Robinson, Dec 29, 2005
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  2. Iain Robinson

    HornBlower Guest

    I used to have a Sony CD Mavica (2MP). I loved the thing and it took great
    pictures. I have not owned any other Sony's but based on the CD Mavica I
    would try them again. But, I would buy from a place with a good return
    policy. Right now I am a big Panasonic fan. I have had the FZ20 and now the
    FZ30 and just love it.

    Whatever you decide to get make sure you can return it if you don't like it.
    Also, buy from a place that will let you test it out in store as well.

    HornBlower, Dec 30, 2005
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