3/8 ball head to 1/4 tripod

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by woops, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. woops

    woops Guest

    Is there a standard adapter that will let my new ball head attach to my old
    tripod ?
    Ball head has female 3/8 x 16 and tripod is male 1/4 x 20.

    I bought a 3/8 bolt that will eventually work after some drilling and
    grinding but there must be a better way.
    woops, Jun 24, 2006
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  2. woops

    Tim Guest

    I have an small adapter that goes into my tripod head socket and makes
    it fit on the smaller male post of the tripod legs. I don't recall if
    the size is the same that you mentioned though. I suspect that bigger
    camera stores should be able to help you. You might check the
    bogen/manfrotto web site for parts too.
    Tim, Jun 24, 2006
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  3. woops

    John Bean Guest

    Yes, it's a standard part that's often included with tripods
    and/or heads. It's usually a small insert that you can
    either screw into the head to make it 1/4" or alternatively
    screw over the tripod thread to make it 3/8". Any dealer
    that sells tripods/heads should have one.
    John Bean, Jun 24, 2006
  4. woops

    Mark Guest

    The Manfrotto item is 088LBP in Europe. If you're in US it will have a
    different Bogen number, but I expect if you are you'll be able to do a
    search on it and get the number you need. Hope this helps.
    Mark, Jun 24, 2006
  5. woops

    Hunt Guest

    Yes, Linhof has packaged one, that works very well. It is stainless steel (
    most are brass and crack easily), and I keep about 3 around various camera
    bags. Most pro-photo shops carry some version, but after a dozen cheapies,
    I've standardized on the Linhof and have never broken a single one over 15

    Hunt, Jun 25, 2006
  6. woops

    DoN. Nichols Guest

    Yes. I have several which came with various things. Your ball
    head (especially if new) should have come with such an adaptor. They
    are typically a collar threaded externally with the 3/8-16 and
    internally with the 1/4-20. They typically have a bit of a flare (like
    a countersunk screw except that the overall diameter is just a little
    beyond the OD of the 3/8-16 thread (to keep the adaptor from going too
    deeply into the hole in the camera or the ball head in this case), and
    they also typically have a slot bridging the 1/4-20 hole so you can use
    a coin as a screwdriver.
    Check the packaging for your ball head. I find it difficult to
    imagine it being shipped without one.

    Yes -- you could *buy* one. Try going to your camera store and
    seeing what they have. I would expect them to be in a blister pack on a
    rotating rack somewhere.

    Or -- if you have a lathe, turn the 3/16" OD with a bit of a
    chamfer at the end, thread it using the lathes' threading gears, drill
    through the center with a #7 drill bit (tap drill for 1/4-20, and tap it
    to 1/4-20, and only then part it off. I would suggest brass as being a
    good material for the product.

    If you have a milling machine, also set up to mill a slot for
    use in removing it when the time comes that you need to do so.

    Grinding is probably a poor way to make one.

    DoN. Nichols, Jun 25, 2006
  7. woops

    Tim Guest

    Just out of curiousity, how did the others crack? Did the cracking have
    any impact on the head or the safety of the camera?
    Tim, Jun 25, 2006
  8. woops

    Say Cheese Guest

    Thanks for all the advice folks. Guess I could have checked Ritz but don't
    think of them as a pro camera shop. Got one off e-bay - - cheaper than BH
    or Adorama once you figure in shipping. Grinding down the head of the 3/8
    brass cap screw I bought to fix the clearance problem on the tripod IS a bad
    idea like you said.
    Say Cheese, Jun 25, 2006
  9. woops

    Pat Guest

    Bogen is on the way out over here. Manfrotto are readily available, so
    I guess parts must be, too.
    Pat, Jun 25, 2006
  10. woops

    Tim Guest

    Bogen and Manfrotto are the same company.
    Tim, Jun 25, 2006
  11. woops

    J. Clarke Guest

    They are? Since when and who is picking up their product lines?
    J. Clarke, Jun 25, 2006
  12. woops

    Tim Guest

    They're not. Manfrotto is the parent company or new name, however you
    want to look at it.
    Tim, Jun 25, 2006
  13. woops

    Pat Guest

    TTBOMN, they've been using Manfrotto in Europe and Bogen in US. They
    are consolidating the lines into the Manfrotto name and moving that to
    the US. Hence, it is now available here and Bogan is on the way you.
    Pat, Jun 26, 2006
  14. woops

    Hunt Guest

    Mostly just heavy use, probably coupled with a bit of over-tightning over
    time. As the device is an internally & externally threaded boss, with a
    slotted flange on the top for a broad screwdriver, most of the cracks came in
    the slotted flange area, though I had one gave way below the flange. With the
    MUCH more expensive Linhof units (aren't all things Linhof expensive?), I've
    gotten over 15 years of service out of four. Amortized over the time, maybe
    they're not THAT expensive.

    Hunt, Jun 27, 2006
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