3 point lighting setup

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Reza, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Reza

    Reza Guest

    I have a project to shoot several interview sessions in a living
    room setting with my cannon xl2. There will be 2 to 3 people
    (subjects) in each interview . I plan to buy low cost lighting kits
    for this poject . I am considering 3 point lighting setup (key,
    fill,back) My subjects are going to be about 8 feet away from my
    My questions are as follows

    (1) What type of lights I should use for best possible resolution and
    nice cool look. Fluorescent or Quartz-Halogen? Which one is popular
    now a days?

    (2) I should go for fluorescent with softbox to avoid heat and shadow.
    Am I right? Or do I also need bright halogen.

    (2) What volts bulbs should I use for key, fill and back lights.

    (3) If I use blue screen backdrop, do I need to have additional
    lighting kits?

    (4) Is it possible to have good lights without the backlight kit?

    I would greatly appreciate your suggestion
    Reza, Jan 14, 2009
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  2. Reza

    Powell Guest

    Consider two key lights and a back light instead.

    You can't afford ($) the florescent equivalent lumen output
    compared to conventional lighting.

    You can't afford ($) it (fluorescent). You'll need at
    least a 1,000 watt total (conventional lighting) for three
    subjects at your 8' shooting distance. In the normal
    "living room" you'll have about 30 min. before the
    environment starts becoming oppressive.

    Depends on the instrument, the way you mount the light
    overhead and the manner you disperse the light. If
    interviewing three people, unless sitting knee-to-knee, will
    require a wide dispersion device and more luminescence.
    In a one-on-one interview a floor lamp can sometimes
    be sufficient for back lighting. With lighting much depends
    on the mood and clarity you wish to convey to the viewer.

    Depends on the amateurish or professional look required
    for the final product.

    Powell, Jan 15, 2009
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  3. Reza

    Corey Guest

    If you get there and the subject is a jerk, aim all three lights right at his
    eyes at full spot. Watch'm squint and squirm
    Corey, Jan 15, 2009
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