32 new 1152x864 Scottish Highlands

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Dave, Jul 17, 2003.

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    This is one of my occasional update notices. Instead of doing my usual
    cut'n'paste text from my website, I'm just inserting a link or two for
    you to click on. The website has more details. All pictures are free
    for personal, non-commercial use only.

    The newly uploaded efforts begin here:
    and start off with some landscapes of Torridon, some of the most
    ancient rock anywhere on the surface of the planet. There's also macro
    shots of fungus, amphibians etc.

    features Glen Grudie on a day with sunshine and blustery showers.
    There's a macro shot of a tiny sundew plant.

    features Ben Lomond overlooking Loch Lomond.

    features Ben Ledi in The Trossachs near Callander.

    All photos were taken with an Olympus E-10 digital camera and are
    edited down from 2240 x 1680 to 1152 x 864 pixels. That's a heavy
    camera (over 2 kilos with the w/a and tele adapters and a spare set of
    NiMH batteries) to carry up mountains. I think lugging all that glass
    around is worth it.

    best wishes, Dave.

    1650 free hi-res photos especially Edinburgh and
    Scotland. Also 3D rendered art & altered images.
    * No advertisements * http://www.henniker.org.uk
    If replying by email please use real dots!
    Dave, Jul 17, 2003
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  2. Hi Dave,

    very nice pictures! I am from Germany and was in Scotland last year and this
    year also.
    Was at Ben Lomond too!
    If you or anyone wants to have a look at my last year's photos, go to my
    website www.my-color2web.de and take the link *Reisekoffer* - sorry, only in
    German :-(

    Greetings, Marietta
    Marietta Langer, Jul 27, 2003
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