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Discussion in 'Scanners' started by stacey, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. stacey

    stacey Guest

    I'm thinking about buying a film scanner as I've been waiting for the
    printer/scanner quality to get better/affordable. I'd like to get a medium
    format scanner but right now can't afford a good medF one so looking at the
    35mm ones (and will give me an excuse to shoot 35mm instead of 6X6 for a
    while)! I've been doing my own color darkroom work but would like to see if
    I can replace it with digital and if this works out, might spring for a
    better medformat scanner later. I've made some prints from 4X5 chromes that
    I scanned on my flatbed that look very nice so I know the printer is
    capable of good results.

    Anyway since I shoot medium format most of the time and some large format,
    quality is important and mainly I don't like grain. I've seen scanned
    prints from the 2700 scanners and wasn't impressed as they semed to make
    the grain even worse? I've read the higher rez scanners don't do this and
    am thinking about either the Canon FS400 or the Minolta5400.

    Am I thinking wrong that they should be able to make prints with less
    visible grain (after some processing) that optical prints from 35mm? I've
    never been happy with the prints from 35mm larger than 5X7 from a grain
    standpoint (the main reason I shoot medformat) so obviously I'm very picky
    about this. I'm not looking to make prints larger than 8X10, just very high
    quality ones. Also would love to make prints from slides which is difficult
    to do very well optically.

    I'm leaning towards the minolta for it's higher rez and firewire interface
    which should give better speed. I have a P4 2.8 with a gig of dual channel
    ram so I think I have the hardware to deal with it. The minolta is a few
    hundred more but if it's a better scanner, I don't mind. Just wondering
    what people's thought are on these scanners. TIA
    stacey, Nov 30, 2003
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