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Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Joseph Brown, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. Joseph Brown

    Joseph Brown Guest

    I have a 35mm positive filmstrip containing some 72 pictures. The frame
    size is identical to a motion picture filmstip. It's approx 1/2 frame of
    regular 35mm photo frame. Basically, it's a square frame.

    Where can I get this long filmstrip scanned and put on CD? The photo labs
    here in Montreal Canada say that they can't scan it. I said that it's ok to
    scan 2 frames at a time and at the office I will crop/separtate them with
    photoshop. No, they all refused to take it in.

    Basiscally, the specs, frame sizes are the same as a 35mm motion picture

    The filmstrip was intended back in the 70's to be projected with a DuKane
    audio cassette projector model 28A27. Go figure. This projector doesn't
    exist any more.

    The positive 35mm filmstrip is in execellent condition. I'm surprized that
    this Eastman didn't fade to magenta. Eastman has a history of magentizing.
    Markings on it are "Eastman Safety Film"

    I could have scanned them myself, frame-by frame but I would have to go
    through 3000 frames !!! (no time for that) and second, a professional lab
    scanner is better than my flatbed's light dome.

    Buying a dedicated film scanner, rarely it can scan an entire filmstrip of
    72 photos....

    QUESTION: Where can I get this 35mm filmstrip scanned and put it on CD? Are
    there any professional labs out there capable of doing the "more specialized
    Joseph Brown, Jul 31, 2003
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  2. Joseph Brown

    Don Coon Guest

    I'm confused (not a rare occurence.) 72 photos in 3000 frames?? Are there
    ~42 duplicate frames per photo?
    Don Coon, Jul 31, 2003
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  3. Joseph Brown

    Joseph Brown Guest

    I'm confused (not a rare occurence.) 72 photos in 3000 frames?? Are
    No, I have 42 of these filmstrips. Each filmstrip has 72 photos.
    42x72= 3024 fames need to be scanned, to be precise.
    Joseph Brown, Jul 31, 2003
  4. Joseph Brown

    Graham Guest

    Try Ginn Photographic in Ottawa or Henry's in Toronto.
    Graham, Jul 31, 2003
  5. Joseph Brown

    Paul Rubin Guest

    DIY Options:

    1) I think the Nikon Coolscan LS2000 takes an optional filmstrip accessory.
    Results should be excellent.
    2) You can use an Epson 2400 or 3200 flatbed scanner. Results will
    be decent and the Epson costs less than the Coolscan.
    3) You can use a light table and a digicam with a close-up lens, or
    equivalently a digicam slide duping accessory. This will be
    fast and cheap. Results won't be the greatest, but should
    be useable for many purposes.
    Paul Rubin, Jul 31, 2003
  6. Hey Joe,

    Try to locate a prolab using a Kodak HR-500 scanner and see what they can do
    for you... film length is not an issue with these scanners and custom
    cropping for the odd sized frame can be easily done in DP2... with jpeg or
    tiff image output to a CD (or prints).
    I'm not sure what labs in the Montreal area have them though (not many)...
    there's a bunch of labs in the Toronto area (Silvano, Custom Colour, TCN,
    Trend, UAF)... failing that, go to http://www.cinebyte.com/ and send an
    email, to Alan... they have a Cineon film scanner for motion picture film...
    it's native output format is cineon, but they may be able to convert to some
    like jpeg or tiff.

    Good luck.
    Gary W. McIntyre, Jul 31, 2003
  7. Do you mind if the filmstrip is cut into 12-frame strips? If not, there
    are a number of consumer film scanners that should deal with it. For
    example, Nikon's scanners come with both a 6-frame strip holder for
    manual positioning (that's 6 8-perf frames, so 12 of your 4-perf
    frames), and a mechanical filmstrip transport that will scan the whole
    strip automatically.

    On the other hand, if you don't want the strips cut up, you could take
    them to a professional 35mm movie film lab, have them spliced into a
    single long roll, and get the film scanned as a movie sequence. Lots of
    places have telecine machines that will rapidly (24 frames per second)
    scan the film at HDTV resolution (1920x1080) or 2K (2048x1536). Places
    that specialize in scanning for digital special effects work should also
    be able to scan at 4K (4096x3072 or so). I don't know of a specific
    place in Montreal, but I wouldn't be surprised to find one there given
    the amount of film production in the city.

    Dave Martindale, Jul 31, 2003
  8. Joseph Brown

    Joseph Brown Guest

    Are all 3000 frames worth recovering?

    Yes, they are part of an aviation piloting course and there's an
    audiocassette for every film roll with tone cues that trigger the projector
    to charge to the next frame.

    I'll also digitize the audio, apply low-pass filter to remove the 30Hz tone
    and also apply software noise reduction. There's a utility in CoolEdit
    where you "teach" the software what type of noise is it, by storing in
    memory the noise, then it will remove it. These days analog Dolby A
    noise-reduction was it it's early stages of development.
    I'm in Chomedey, Laval. Work in Verdun for Metromedia Broadcasting and also
    do lots of TV freelance work so I'm in montreal quite often. Especially at
    the Teleport Satellite Uplink Center corner Rene-Levesque and Papineau;
    where my work begins it's long travel journey towards the birds orbiting the
    earth up in space....
    Joseph Brown, Aug 1, 2003
  9. Joseph Brown

    Alan Browne Guest

    By the way do you know Jean-Pierre Dubé? He used to work (still does?)
    for CF.
    Alan Browne, Aug 1, 2003
  10. Joseph Brown

    mike Guest

    What are trying to make?

    I would go the film to video path

    www.3516.com does it for about uS$145

    than import the video frame capture for your needs.

    What's your final goal? Multimedia or Video?
    mike, Aug 3, 2003
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