3MP stills from the Sony DCR-PC330 are great?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by dvdfred, Nov 3, 2003.

  1. dvdfred

    dvdfred Guest

    In a review of the Sony DCR-PC330 by Jeff Keller:


    it says that "Based on the camcorders I've tested in the last two years, the
    PC330 probably takes some of the best stills out there. That isn't to say
    that they compare to the average $300 digital still camera, but when you
    look at what other camcorders produce, they're pretty good. The main
    problems here are noise and this "video capture look" that's so common on
    camcorders. You could definitely make a nice 4 x 6 inch print from these
    stills. if you're doing anything larger, I'd stick with a regular camera."

    I took a few pictures with the DCR-PC330 and compared them with the same
    photos taken at the same time with my 3MP Sony DSC-S70. Several people who
    viewed this test concluded that the pictures from the PC330 were slightly
    better than those from the DSC-S70. I get quite good 10 x 8 inch prints from
    the S70 and I think the pictures from the 330 are very good. Jeff Keller
    says he was not thrilled with the low light performance of the PC330 and
    that it was worse than average. I guess a 7 LUX camcorder will always have
    this disadvantage when compared with say a 5 LUX model, but at least Jeff
    thought that the video quality was very good and that there's no motor noise
    issue with this camcorder.

    I don't know what Jeff means by a "video capture look" of camcorder stills,
    can anyone explain this to me?

    Thanks, Fred
    dvdfred, Nov 3, 2003
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