50D or D90?

Discussion in 'Canon' started by jch, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. jch

    jch Guest

    I'm in the market for a good DSLR and I'm considering the Canon 50D or the
    Nikon D90 because they're priced similarly. The Nikon is a bit cheaper
    which is nice but the 50D has certain advantages in its metal vs more
    plastic housing, the CF vs SD memory cards, obviously a higher density CCD
    and other items. Personally I like the feel of the D90 over the 50D and
    that is going a long way in my thinking. I don't know if I really need the
    extra 3MP of the 50D. I'm just an avid amatuer photographer (landscapes,
    cityscapes, some sports shots but not many, nature shots). Sure I'll do
    some cropping but I just don't know what to get. The way the Nikon felt in
    my hands is important to me and I'm also concerned with the added noise at
    higher ISOs of the 50D. So let me ask. Do you 50D owners really like the
    way the camera feels or is it something you just made yourself get used to?
    For me the shutter button location didn't feel as good as the Nikon and I
    don't like the on/off switch location on the 50D. Also, has the higher
    noise of the 50D been an issue with you?

    Thanks and I'm not bashing the 50D. I think its a great camera and I might
    even own one sometime soon. I'm just in the decision-making stage and
    looking for some input from those who actually have the camera or even
    experienced with the D90. Yes, I've read many dozens of reviews and of
    course there are +/- for each camera.
    jch, Jan 30, 2010
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