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  1. Dave

    Dave Guest

    If I update my website I generally do a cut'n'paste job of the
    accompanying text when announcing on usenet. This time there's rather
    a lot of new photos so if you're at all interested you might care to
    skip reading all the text below and have a browse instead.

    As a Scot from Edinburgh, I'd be particularly interested in any
    comments from anyone from the Netherlands.

    All images are free for personal use only, e.g. wallpaper. None must
    appear on any CDs or other media as part of a commercial transaction.

    Holland 2004 Page 1

    bikes 1 1152 x 864 286K
    This is central Amsterdam right next to Centraal train station. The
    volume of bicycles in this multi-storey bike park indicates how
    commuters do it over here.

    bikes 2 1152 x 864 306K
    Nearby, on the other side of the tram lines, is yet another forest of
    parked bicycles. The Dutch have no need for 24 gears or fancy mountain
    bikes, they just have to keep a lookout for traffic and errant
    pedestrians. Traditional bicycles rule.

    heron 1152 x 864 154K
    Herons aren't usually encountered beside city streets but the canals
    provide good fishing for these and other birds. This one is perched on
    a houseboat.

    Leidseplein 1152 x 864 308K
    Street performers are often seen in this square but on a damp evening
    such as this, most people are inside the famous Bulldog coffee bar.

    Warm Beer 970 x 864 180K
    'Lousy Food & Warm Beer' proclaims Mister Coco's big sign, next to a
    shop selling cannabis seeds and hemp products.

    Sensi Seeds & Hash Museum 1152 x 864 293K
    As advertised on the official City Map for tourists, these two
    establishments can provide growers and seekers of knowledge with all
    they need.

    Cannabis College 1152 x 864 282K
    Another source of information as well as clothes made from hemp. You
    are invited to visit the garden inside.

    Centraal Station 1152 x 864 246K
    As seen from the boarding point for the canalbus tours. I particularly
    like the nine large photos on the hoarding. The tram terminus is just
    behind it, in front of the station building.

    Grinning Rasta 768 x 1024 210K
    Cigar stores used to have wooden Red Indians standing outside their
    shops; this is the 21st century Amsterdam equivalent, a caricature
    figure of a happy Rastafarian standing outside a head shop.

    Holland 2004 Page 2

    Under Centraal 1152 x 864 184K
    Many canal trips start by passing below the train lines over the end
    of the Singel canal to explore part of the harbour before returning to
    the canals via Oosterdok. Canalbuses now have multi-language
    commentaries controlled by GPS.

    North of Centraal 1152 x 864 241K
    On the other (north) side of Centraal Station to Damrak, are these
    ferries which carry traffic across to the Noord district. The IJtunnel
    takes most of the traffic but isn't suitable for cyclists, pedestrians
    and others who prefer to travel by boat.

    Nemo 1 1152 x 864 205K
    No visit to Amsterdam is complete without a visit to Nemo. This can be
    on top of it, or inside it, or preferably both. More about Nemo on
    later pages...

    Number 153 1152 x 864 279K
    It looks as if number 151 has sunk slightly relative to 155. 153 is
    hopefully wider than its front suggests. Its more up-market companions
    definitely dominate.

    Cyclist 1152 x 864 230K
    Another view of the cycle park at the top of the previous page, this
    time from the canalbus. The cyclist has an umbrella, and yes, they do
    use them in the rain, dicing with death with the trams and tramlines.

    Canalside 1 1152 x 864 282K
    A picturesque view, typical of Amsterdam.

    The Doors 1152 x 864 307K
    It's the canal side that's the main theme; the coffee shop is
    incidental. There was another coffee shop with a Doors theme. It was
    opposite an Italian restaurant and had a very amateurish likeness of
    Jim Morrison. This one is at the edge of the Jordaan district.

    Haarlem 1 804 x 1024 265K
    Historic Haarlem is not far away from Amsterdam and has some
    interesting buildings.

    Holland 2004 Page 3

    Hotel Pulitzer 1152 x 864 225K
    A swanky-looking establishment with posh cars and uniformed staff.

    Hotel Jimmy 1152 x 864 203K
    A less prestigious place to crash, possibly with a Scottish
    connection. Maybe the staff uniform is a Jimmy hat like those sold in
    tacky tourist shops in Edinburgh.

    Haarlem 2 768 x 1024 187K
    More architecture from the town. At one of the old town squares the
    presence of a branch of MacDonalds made us head back to the railway
    station with unpleasant thoughts about globalisation.

    Oosterdok 1 1152 x 864 169K
    The view from the Nemo pier across Oosterdok to Dijksgracht and
    IJhaven. The gleaming whiteness of the Costa Europa luxury cruise
    liner makes sunglasses a must for onlookers.

    Nemo view NW 1152 x 864 255K
    There's some great views from the top of Nemo. This view features St
    Nicolaas Church at top left, and the Sea Palace floating Chinese
    Restaurant and the Amstel Botel, both moored in Oosterdok. Centraal
    Station is partially visible at the right of the picture behind the
    below-water-level building site.

    Nemo View S 1152 x 864 282K
    The S116 road leads north from Valkenburgerstraat and ducks under Nemo
    and into the IJtunnel before emerging again in the Noord district.
    Prins Hendrikkade is the road at the back of the picture.

    Nemo Roof 1152 x 864 195K
    You can sit here on the Wim T Schippers Upperdeck to admire the view,
    or you can have a coffee in the café at the top. Visit the Nemo
    website for information in Dutch language.

    Cascade 1152 x 864 208K
    A closer look at the cascade of water running down the roof.
    Underneath is the interactive Science Museum where "You can experiment
    with technology, science, ICT and bio and behavioural sciences". The
    building was designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano.

    Holland 2004 Page 4

    Oosterdok 2 1152 x 864 184K
    Another view from the pier at the north end of Nemo. Two people are
    fishing in the fresh water which fills the docks and canals. A
    double-decker train is passing in front of the glass passenger
    terminal for cruise liners like the Costa Europa, moored here.

    Nemo Ramp 1152 x 864 146K
    It's better to come down here after an expedition starting at the
    Departure Hall and visiting decks 1, 2, 3 and 4. Nemo describes itself
    as a voyage of discovery between fantasy and reality. Start at the
    Departure Hall with its café and free toilets!

    heron 2 1152 x 864 278K
    This bird had only just taken off, possibly startled by a noisy motor

    de hortus 1 1152 x 864 116K
    More wildlife, but this time in the Amsterdam Botanical Garden. The
    transparent butterfly posed just long enough for me to take the
    picture. Its wings are closed together here, almost touching as it
    rests on the leaf.

    de hortus 2 1152 x 864 116K
    The Hortus is much smaller than Edinburgh's Botanics but is worth a
    visit and dates from 1638. The butterflies here are in the educational
    house. This species of butterfly was more plentiful than the
    see-through ones.

    de hortus 3 1152 x 864 247K
    This is the actual dress worn by the woman botanist who wore it in a
    hot, humid environment as reproduced in this greenhouse. I took
    several pictures and had to wipe my steamed-up lens for this one,
    photographed from a little wooden bridge. I used Photoshop to remove
    the two wires suspending the dress.

    Haddock 1152 x 864 245K
    No particular reason for my choosing this picture, I just like the
    unpretentious boat and its fishy name.

    red houseboat 1152 x 864 354K
    Homes like this could provide an idyllic Bohemian lifestyle. Who needs
    a car when you can pop off to the shops in a small boat instead?

    Holland 2004 Page 5

    Pax 1152 x 864 280K
    A peaceful scene beside the locks across the Amstel river.

    Theater Tuschinski 768 x 1024 239K
    A beatiful Art Deco building in Reguliersbreestraat between Muntplein
    and Rembrandtplein. It's a busy picture house / movie theater / film
    theatre nowadays.

    Tushinski detail 1152 x 864 252K
    Zoomed in to show some details of the craftsmanship involved.

    Jordaan 1 768 x 1024 205K
    The Jordaan district (a corruption of jardin, French for garden) is
    where the artistic and creative people live. There are jazz cafés and
    bronze statues of musicians.

    Jordaan 2 1152 x 864 162K
    The shops in Jordaan are sometimes more like art statements in
    themselves. There are collectible items and antiques galore, as well
    as sculptures and paintings. The elderly Underwood typewriter in this
    window has a cow for company.

    Jordaan 3 1152 x 864 304K
    This shop window features colourful collectible wind-up toys, which
    although old, are in excellent condition.

    Jordaan 4 840 x 1024 312K
    A complicated 8 storey construction festooned with pictures of kittens
    dominates the pottery on display here. Ornate detail decorates every

    Jordaan 5 1152 x 864 356K
    Mature trees line the sides of these quiet backwaters. Tall, narrow
    houses are squeezed in shoulder to shoulder.

    Holland 2004 Page 6

    Vondelpark 1152 x 864 319K
    This part of the park is about halfway along the southern edge.
    Hundreds, maybe thousands of cyclists travel through the park every

    Leidsestraat 1152 x 864 273K
    A number 5 tram heads into town along Leidsestraat about to stop on
    the canal bridge over Keizersgracht. Leidsestraat is single-track but
    widens to double-track on the bridges. Therefore the trams travelling
    in opposite directions must wait at the stops. Cars, bikes and
    pedestrians must keep a sharp lookout.

    Nemo far 1152 x 864 191K
    The Nemo building dominates the landscape and, of course, resembles a
    boat or ship. To its left is the Stedelijk Museum, now housed in the
    former Post Office Headquarters. The arched bridge behind Nemo's ramp
    is where the next picture is taken from.

    Nemo near 1152 x 864 215K
    This footbridge carries pedestrians and cyclists from the walkway past
    the floating restaurant and botel from Centraal Station area. You can
    see the walkway in Nemo view NW on page 3.

    Geometry 1152 x 864 204K
    If the two towers each had a tree planted on top then they would
    resemble vases of flowers. the sloping building has not, despite
    appearances to the contrary, sunk into the sand at one end. The swing
    bridge remained open all the time we saw it, with lots of harbour
    traffic passing either side.

    Sea Palace & Amstel Botel 1152 x 864 166K
    This picture, taken from beside the Stedelijk Museum, shows the metal
    barrier keeping the water out of the building site in Oosterdok. In
    the unlikely event of it collapsing, the botel guests would have a
    rude awakening.

    walkway 1152 x 864 227K
    Part of the walkway between Stedelijk Museum and the floating
    restaurant, looking south across Oosterdok to Prins Hendrikkade.

    mark me 1152 x 864 214K
    Giant 3D letters spell out the invitation MARK ME inviting graffiti
    artists to do just that. Two young women are sitting in the sunshine.
    Blue cables snake along the rusty steel piles that keep the water out
    of the building site next to Stedelijk Museum.

    Holland 2004 Page 7

    metalwork 1152 x 864 213K
    Green copper oxide, red/rusty steel, shiny painted steel, and shiny
    aluminium decking are the metals in this strange townscape.

    Below sea level 1152 x 864 218K
    The official website provides English language information about this
    project, as well as a webcam. In this photo the foreground is near the
    Amstel Botel. A tiny human figure is in the centre of the dried out
    site overlooked by the Stedelijk Museum and the railway lines. A
    yellow double decker train is coming into Centraal Station.

    boat and botel 1152 x 864 214K
    This east-facing view from Oosterdokskade looks over the top of a
    homely looking houseboat to the the Amstel Botel featuring bathroom,
    TV, internet and free in-house movies from 84 euros for a double room.

    architecture 1152 x 864 277K
    At the corner of the road called Prins Hendrikkade and the canal
    called Waals Eilandsgracht is this interesting building which may be
    GVB offices.

    Oude Schans 1152 x 864 262K
    The view north west along Oude Schans, the main waterway from
    Oosterdok to the River Amstel.

    Oude Schans 2 1152 x 864 241K
    Oude Schans gets narrower at its south west end and provides some
    space for walkers to rest awhile. The cyclist in the foreground was
    accidental but I prefer this photo to the one I took after with no
    cyclist. Montelbaan Tower is in the middle distance.

    2000 hi-resolution photos especially Edinburgh &
    Scotland. Also 3D rendered art & altered images.
    * No advertisements * http://www.henniker.org.uk
    Dave, Sep 14, 2004
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  2. Dave

    Dirty Harry Guest

    DAMN! Look at all that green...wish I could go there to take some pics too!
    Dirty Harry, Sep 14, 2004
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  3. Dave

    paul Guest

    Which bike is mine? :)

    paul, Sep 16, 2004
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