7 New Book & Journal additions on 'Visual Media' Publication Page

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Fantasmagore, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. Fantasmagore

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    7 New Book & Journal additions on 'Visual Media' Publication Page

    Dear list members,

    7 New Book additions in the field of photography & moving images are
    now announced online.
    See: http://www.visual-media.be/publications.html

    'Apparaturen bewegter Bilder'. by Daniel Gethmann & Christoph Schulz
    (Authors of The Flip Bookshow catalogue)
    'Forget Me Not - Photography & Remembrance'. by Geoffrey Batchen.
    'Photographic Cases: Victorian Design Sources / 1840 - 1870'. by Adele
    'Collecting Picture and Photo Frames'. by Stuart Schneider.
    'Animation: An interdisciplinary Journal' (NEW: Vol 1 No 1)
    'Journal of Visual Culture'
    'Visual Communication'

    I look forward to receive more review copies of books & DVD's in the
    Early Visual Media subject era.

    Be first to receive the updates, register on 'Visual Media GOOGLE
    http://groups.google.com/group/visual-media currently 147 registered

    Many thanks for registering, visiting & most of all enjoying the

    All job offers all welcome:
    Download CV in PDF format via http://www.visual-media.be/aims.html
    (choose for English or Dutch version)
    Or go directly to:
    http://www.visual-media.be/pdf/CV Thomas A.E. Weynants Eng.pdf
    http://www.visual-media.be/pdf/CV Thomas A.E. Weynants.pdf

    I would be very pleased if you should forward this e-mail to museums,
    institutions & individuals to help me in finding a media related job.

    Best wishes,

    Fantasmagore, Aug 4, 2006
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