A RAINBOW PEN, by Eric James Niemi

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Eric James Niemi, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. A RAINBOW PEN, by Eric James Niemi

    Whether your pursuit is writing, screenwriting, film or video, I
    recently had an experience that illustrates a universal truth you may
    "hear" all the time but probably, like myself, may never "listen"

    Today, after a tragic day (make that many days!), I decided to try and
    go write my way out of a feature film production problem that I've
    been having.

    I decided to do it "old school". Oversize pad of yellow paper and a
    pen. The plan was to hit Borders when they opened, get some coffee and
    start writing. They have that nice, brewed, "drink in special". $1.65
    for a real mug with one refill included.

    On the way the way there, I hit the post office to check my mail and
    drove around stalling, rather aimlessly. On the ride, I tuned to a
    very interesting radio show that totally captured my attention. I
    listened intently, the program ending as I parked the car.

    Forgeting what I had just heard, I grabbed my shoulder bag and headed
    into Borders, got my coffee and found a seat.

    I pulled my yellow pad out of my pack and took a sip of coffee and
    started to think...

    Okay, time to write... I fumbled through my backpack looking for a
    pen. I couldn't find one. I had left home without a pen!

    I looked around... It was pretty early and empty, there was only one
    other customer in the cafe area and she banged away on the keys of a
    laptop, I didn't dare break her rhythm.

    I went to the cafe counter and asked the lady if "she had a cheap pen
    I could use or have for a few hours". I explained I had left home
    without bringing one and I was hoping she might have a "cheap pen"
    behind the counter she wouldn't mind parting with.

    Her response was "Sorry, we're pretty stationeryly challeneged back
    here". Frustrated, I left my backpack, coffee and yellow pad on the
    table and walked through the store to the front counter where they
    ring up the book purchases.

    There was an attractive, young women stacking some books and I
    approached and asked if the store sold "any cheap pens". I explained I
    left home without a pen and was hoping Borders might "sell something
    cheap" (I had just spent $1.65 for the coffee and only came in with a
    couple bucks in my pocket).

    She responded that they didn't sell any cheap pens. Flustered at the
    fact that a bookstore didn't sell any "cheap pens", I asked her nicely
    if she had a "cheap pen" she wouldn't might letting me have or borrow
    for a few hours. I was desperate. I would take anything I said, "a
    pencil even...".

    She fumbled around and produced a cheap pen. A very cheap pen. On it
    was the name and phone number of some doctor. One of those pens that a
    doctor gives out free of charge to his patients by the gross.

    I thanked her and said I would bring it back before I left. She said
    "don't bother".

    I walked away happy but slightly concerned I might catch some weird
    sickness from the pen. I tend to chew my pens to shreds and didn't
    want to put this one in my mouth. I thought "Damn, that is going to
    hamper my writing style and way of working today".

    Oh well, at least I found a "cheap pen", what I had asked for. I had
    something to write with...

    I walked back towards the cafe area alittle depressed that she didn't
    just hand me a stock bic with no doctor's inscription on it...
    Whatever... I had work to do...

    Then I saw it out of the corner of my eye...

    It was sitting on an empty cafe table between two chairs...

    The sunlight through the window was actually illuminating it in a box
    of light on top of the black table top...

    Slightly canted sideways, there lay a pen. One of those pens that is
    clear and lets you see the ink refill inside. It was a Rainbow Pen.

    It has that ink that when you write it's sparkly when the light hits
    it. I brought the inferior "cheap pen" back to the lady at the counter
    and thanked her. She had a confused look on her face because it had
    been only a couple minutes. I answered her...

    "I have a pen, thanks...". I walked back to my table and was off
    writing. Not with a "cheap pen". With a rainbow pen! And the words
    flowed. The ideas came. If I had that cheap doctors pen in my hand, I
    would have been thinking about all the different types of diseases I
    might get from it!

    Moments before that radio program ended and I pulled into the parking
    spot, got out and forgot what I had heard, the radio program was
    speaking about not worrying about your needs. About realizing that
    someone greater knows your needs better than yourself. Knows your
    needs before you even ask!

    I thought I needed a "cheap pen", that is all I asked for, that is all
    I initially received. And when I got what I thought I needed, I wasn't
    going to be able to use it in the way I thought I could!

    Philippians 4:23

    That is the passage that the radio program was talking about.

    In writing, screenwriting, film, video and in everyday life this
    something we can all benefit from if we put it to heart.

    Sometimes our plans aren't the best ones.

    Do you think you want/need the newest version of Scriptware, a
    Panasonic DVX-100, or Final Cut Pro!

    COMPOSER SYTEM for you instead!

    Or maybe it's just a rainbow pen, a hi-8mm camcorder and a five year
    old computer.

    But it will be exactly what you *really* need!

    Eric James Niemi
    Eric James Niemi, Aug 23, 2003
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  2. I sincerely doubt God had anything to do with it. By actual real life
    observation, I think the Philippians 4:23 referrence means you were born on
    a planet that has all you need until you die. It's up to you what you make
    of it. God gave us ability and free choice. He also assured we have
    limitations that prevent us from knowing much beyond what our brains can
    figure out from what our senses perceive. God takes care of running the
    universe. He doesn't provide pens to those who forget theirs (while allowing
    genocide in Africa, for instance). The whole idea of that cheapens meaning
    of a Creator.

    Best regards,
    Craig Scheiner
    Executive Producer
    CPS Associates
    Video Production and Publication
    Craig Scheiner, Aug 23, 2003
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  3. Craig,

    The whole idea of GOD *allowing* anything bad to happen and the use of
    that type of phrasing cheapens the people's view of the Creator.

    GOD, gave us a choice a long time ago. GOD told us what would happen
    and we ingored it and wanting to be like GOD ourselves ended up
    sinning against the one who created us. And even though we are far
    removed from that event and may say "I didn't eat from the tree, it's
    not my fault...". We all still have sinned and fall short of the glory
    of GOD.

    Events like geonicide to the common cold are results of our free
    choice and sin.

    Just like accepting Jesus as your saviour and having him provide
    everything a person needs can be a result of someone's free choice.
    Eric James Niemi, Aug 23, 2003
  4. Eric James Niemi

    Skipper Guest

    Oh, I disagree. I think God put that pen there personally for Eric
    because he happens to visit that same Starbucks. Plus he figures if he
    does a few things like that for Eric on occasion Eric will waste all
    his time typing the daily chronicle of his life onto the Internet and
    save the human race from Eric's movies.

    God thinks ahead, ya'll.
    Skipper, Aug 23, 2003
  5. Forged post by Brian L. McCarty.
    Robert Morein, Aug 23, 2003
  6. '
    GOD the one that gat your sorry ass busted by the cops for fraud, Eric? Or
    just laying the groundwork for your next crime?
    Robert Morein, Aug 23, 2003
  7. Eric James Niemi

    MONDay Guest

    Occam's Razor. What's more likely, an all powerful
    omnipotent being spending his/her/its time putting
    "rainbow pens" on tables, or someone else left it

    Sometimes it's easy to accept superficial coincidence as
    something more profound due to our own inadequacies as
    human beings - and that's not directed to you personally
    Eric, it's just an observation.

    MONDay, Aug 24, 2003
  8. Eric James Niemi

    MONDay Guest

    It was a nice story. The moral of the story - as
    I read it was that "God Will Provide".

    That is a manifesto of faith. Isn't it?

    Anyway, the point I was trying to make was
    not that of slandering any religious beliefs that
    people may or may not have, but just that
    it's very easy for us to connect *any* event
    to that of an act of God - overriding any
    common sense.

    I personally liked the story. Apart from the
    God bit ;-)

    I wonder if the moral had been different if
    instead of finding a "rainbow pen", it was an
    old chewed-up bic...

    MONDay, Aug 24, 2003
  9. Eric James Niemi

    Gary P Guest

    Seems to me it's a mistake to confuse mystic experience with divinity or
    organised religion and throw the baby out with the bathwater. They are not
    necessarily connected. According to many texts Buddha himself refused to
    address the question of whether there was a God or a life after death. In
    his view it was not an important issue. But he did stress the search for
    mystical awareness.

    Gary P, Aug 25, 2003
  10. "The Buddha's [Vedic-Hindu] Principle of Impermanence
    states that nothing is eternal or unchanging, except
    Nirvana. This gives rise to an important point of
    difference with other religions: Buddhist thinking does
    not acknowledge the concept of an eternal unchanging
    soul. Instead, Buddhism regards the constantly changing
    flow of mental formations, which carries the karmic
    imprint of past conduct, as the impersonal vitalising
    energy which passes into rebirth. . . ."

    Jai Maharaj
    Om Shanti
    Dr. Jai Maharaj, Aug 25, 2003
  11. Eric James Niemi

    SparkTom Guest

    FADE IN:

    An old man, agitated. He shakes with the discovery of his one
    item of worth being lost.


    I believe in Thee no more! The ONE thing I valued has been lost.
    Why? Oh, why?
    (shakes his fist at the heavens)
    No God of mine would allow me to lose my Rainbow Pen!!

    Crumples and cries. Searches pockets for sleeping pills.
    SparkTom, Aug 26, 2003
  12. Great allegory! No further argument is now needed.
    Gene E. Bloch, Aug 26, 2003
  13. Gay is unisex :)
    Yeah, but I rather prefer them to be told in the form of Dreamtime of
    African stories. They are more mythical.

    Uhm, isn't it somewhere written in the bible that God created man to
    his likeness? Look in the mirror and you see God ;-)


    Sydney, Australia

    "Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground."

    SpamPal keeps my mailbox spamfree :) (http://www.spampal.org)
    Martin Heffels, Aug 27, 2003
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