A sweet difference between P3 and P4 .. but still could use some help

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Dallas, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. Dallas

    Dallas Guest

    I configured my P3 as a basic multimedia machine with a TV-card, VCR being
    in-line to the card, and other points. But I gained my biggest surprise
    when I bought my P4 in terms of AVI.

    I carried the TV-Card over from the P3, but this card can capture 640x480
    full avi without dropping a frame nor any sound when run under the P4. Of
    course it is about 1GB per minute. It was obtained with a 120GB HD and I
    just unplugged my Seagate 7200RPM from the old one and made it primary - so
    I now have a nice Hitachi 120GB for video.

    I ran DIVX at a data rate of 600 applied to the 640x480 resolution captured
    at 1GB and 8MB has never looked so crystal clear in my life.

    For you guys doing this - this is old hat, but I just had to tell someone
    as you know computer things are a lonely life with no one to tell how you
    beat a hurdle - so kill me.

    But since I am here I was wondering if folks might think a straight video
    capture card would be better than my TV-Card as it has software, but only
    works really in AVI mode at Full-screen or Half. The Card works fine at
    MPEG2 - but I am being spoiled now with AVI and just am concerned with


    thanks for help under various nics in past - I will try to kep this one
    from now on, bye
    Dallas, Aug 8, 2004
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