A tale of two Image Tanks - Initial Impressions

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by me, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. me

    me Guest

    Wolverine WOPP2320GB
    PicPac II 320GB Digital Camera and Camcorder
    Portable Backup


    Sanho HYHDCSU250GB


    I needed a newer larger image storage device for an upcoming 2week
    vacation. I have owned and previously used a Nixvue 10GB digital Album
    and an Archos 20GB GMini.

    My experience:

    Being a minimalist I initially ordered the Wolverine from B&H for
    ~U$150. Not great speed, nor battery capacity, but I thought it would
    minimally meet my needs for the minimal price. Upon delivery it
    appeared to be charged ~3/4 of capacity, but I charged it overnight
    before trying to use it. Powered up I found the display would cut out
    depending upon what buttons I pressed, or inserted a CF card or
    squeezed the case. Not a grand initial impression. It never properly
    recognized any of the three Sandisk CF cards I use, 2GB Ultra II, 4GB
    Extreme II or 8GB Extreme IV. If forced to copy it apparently would,
    however with no user feedback whatsoever. I only found this out after
    connecting it to a computer. Wolverine tech support is not toll-free
    and after spending several minutes I was instructed to return the
    unit. I mentioned my displeasure at what I considered unsatisfactory
    quality control and said I would return the unto to B&H for a refund,
    not replacement. Despite the tech person taking offense at that, no
    other remedy was offered. Given that my trip was the following week, I
    was not going to take a chance on another sample.

    I ordered the Sanho from B&H for ~U$360 after doing the RMA for the
    return of the Wolverine. After charging the Sanho overnight it booted
    up properly and so far has properly made almost a dozen transfres from
    both CF and SD cards. Same for connecting to the PC and transferring
    files. If you care to use it it can also do incremental transfers,
    recognizing what it has copied previously. The HD and battery are user
    repalceable. Had I had the time I might have bought the bare unit and
    installed my own SATA HD. Battery charge is rated at 250GB of transfer
    comared to 16GB for the Wolverine. I've seen transfer speeds
    approaching 30MB/s from my Extreme IV cards and appraochng 20MB/s from
    Extrreme III.

    For the extra$$, besides the greater transfer speed and battery
    capacity the Sanho also has a diplay and a raw decoder to display
    images. This model does not have any vidoe outputs to display on
    external devices. There is the next up unit wich will do this and
    along with having an 800x600 display will also play video(MPEG,MP4,
    WMV) files.
    me, Jul 29, 2010
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  2. me

    Bruce Guest

    That has been my approach, ever since I bought an "image tank" that
    failed - a Jobo Giga One. Its hard disk suffered a mechanical failure
    and lost me hundreds of images that needed to be expensively re-shot.
    At my expense. :-(

    The answer is, as you say, many memory cards plus a netbook. I also
    carry a portable 500GB external hard drive and back up the netbook's
    hard drive to it. Better safe than sorry.
    Bruce, Jul 30, 2010
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  3. me

    Robert Coe Guest

    > On Fri, 30 Jul 2010 11:36:26 +0100, bugbear
    : > >Human empathy appears to be a skill you haven't yet gained.
    : >
    : > >   BugBear
    : >
    : > Human empathy I have plenty of. Words on my computer screen don't require
    : > any empathy. THEY'RE JUST WORDS YOU FUCKIN' MORON. Deserving of as much
    : > empathy as any writing on a shithouse wall. The writing on a shithouse wall
    : > deserving of more respect. At least those words are there for a good
    : > reason.
    : >
    : > LOL!
    : He who writes oh shithouse walls
    : Calls himself LOL!

    The original is even more to the point:

    "Those who write on shithouse walls
    Wrap their shit in little balls.
    Those who read these lines of wit
    Eat those little balls of shit."

    The Troll has just confessed that his writings are worthy of neither respect
    nor attention. I guess we have to take him at his word.

    Robert Coe, Jul 31, 2010
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