A tip on batteries and memory cards

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Brian, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. Brian

    Brian Guest

    Recently I when to use my camera and found it would not work, I got a
    short display on the electronic display for a few seconds then the
    camera when dead so my first step was to recharge the battery pack. I
    put the fully charged battery pack back in the camera but this did not
    solve the problem. At this stage I was thinking that the battery pack
    had reached their useful life and I might have to replace the
    rechargeable battery pack. In the end I solved the problem by wiping
    the battery terminals with clean white paper. The contacts on the
    battery had become dirty.

    I found that the same thing happened to a camera memory card when I
    couldn't access it in a card reader. I cleaned the contacts on the
    memory card with paper and I was able to access the contents of the
    memory card.

    So don't throw away a non working battery or memory card without
    cleaning the contacts first.

    Regards Brian
    Brian, Nov 25, 2008
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