A wild afternoon at Signature ramp @ MIA with Lumix DMC-FZ10

Discussion in 'Panasonic Lumix' started by HECTOP, Jul 20, 2004.


    HECTOP Guest

    HECTOP, Jul 20, 2004
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    Capt.Doug Guest

    "HECTOP" wrote in message > A little horseplay in and out of Gulfstream
    You working line service now? :)

    Capt.Doug, Jul 21, 2004
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    HECTOP Guest

    Verry big line service! :) A friend of mine captains that GIV-SP. A ramp
    control guy tried to drive up to me in his pick-up, but I gave him this "I
    own this damn Gulfstream" look, that he didn't dare coming any closer ;-)

    Btw went to take some photos at FLL yesterday. First thing I did was knock
    on BSO Aviation Unit's door at one of the terminals, introduced myself, said
    what I wanted (just to take photos and not be harassed), and as amazing as
    it may sound the answer was "Uhh, ok, no problem, let me call the field
    guys, let them know you are outthere".

    HECTOP, Jul 21, 2004

    Capt.Doug Guest

    FLL has a lot of knarly looking Europeans crawling around doing their
    plane-spotting thing. The aviation department guys are used to it. The fact
    that you asked first makes you stand out from that crowd. It casts suspicion
    on you. Let me know if you need to make bail. :)

    Capt.Doug, Jul 22, 2004

    HECTOP Guest

    Man, I guess I've never told you about how I had _7_ (!!!) police cruisers
    encircle me for taking photos from EWR long-term parking lot in March of
    2002. I had my FAA ticket on me, my AOPA card, my US Passport, the works,
    and it still took them about an hour to get off my case. So y'know, once
    bitten, twice shy!

    HECTOP, Jul 22, 2004

    JA Guest

    JA, Jul 22, 2004
  7. You know... I hate it when some one starts a sentence with that...
    Starting over. Did you know the nose can be converted and you can fit
    a passenger in there? Can you imagine being on a 5 or 6 hour
    repositioning flight in the South Pacific in the nose a 38. Hot, noisy
    and absolutely no view.

    Roger Halstead (K8RI & ARRL life member)
    (N833R, S# CD-2 Worlds oldest Debonair)
    Roger Halstead, Jul 23, 2004
  8. That conversion was called the "droop snoot", and the view was fantastic.

    George Patterson
    In Idaho, tossing a rattlesnake into a crowded room is felony assault.
    In Tennessee, it's evangelism.
    G.R. Patterson III, Jul 23, 2004

    Capt.Doug Guest

    That's the difference between Florida and the cesspool called Newark. Next
    time, bring doughnuts! Lots of doughnuts!

    D. :)
    Capt.Doug, Jul 23, 2004
  10. Hey! Don't be insulting cesspools!

    George Patterson
    In Idaho, tossing a rattlesnake into a crowded room is felony assault.
    In Tennessee, it's evangelism.
    G.R. Patterson III, Jul 23, 2004
  11. HECTOP

    HECTOP Guest

    HECTOP, Jul 24, 2004
  12. What is it about the "land of the free" and photographs? I had people
    tell me "no photographs" in several places in Washington DC when I
    was there sightseeing. One was outside the FAA offices...I wanted to
    get a picture of the SIGN! The security guard came up to me and told
    me I wasn't allowed to take photographs!

    I always had this feeling in Washington DC that if I strayed from the
    normal tourist path I would be stopped and asked what I was doing.

    I was even turned back from walking along a footpath near the
    White House when I wanted to take a photographs of that. With my
    aching and blistered feet I had to walk around by a good measure
    and then couldn't get close enough to take a picture. A group
    of school kids were turned back too, much to the annoyance of the
    teacher. When the teacher asked the policeman when it would be
    re-opened, he replied that it could be 10 minutes or 4 hours, that they
    never tell them anything.

    Paul Sengupta, Jul 26, 2004
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