About Image Copyright claims and having images removed from sites

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by ANNIKA1980.com, May 18, 2007.

  1. It seems Annika1980 - the man who stole a Pro Photographer's images
    and forged the Pro's name to create a Pbase account so he could upload
    them with disgusting comments about the people in them, is frothing at
    the mouth with false claims of copyright infringement by said Pro

    Nice try at turning the issue around to make the victim look like the
    crook. Eventually this shit will burn the fool.

    Just to clear the air here. In March 2007, D-Mac asked Pbase to take
    down his copyright images which annika1980 had used without authority
    and they did. Why did they do this?

    Because Douglas St James-MacDonald (The Pro Photographer) provided
    Pbase with proof of ownership of the images.

    Bret Hogan/Douglas (annika1980) tried unsuccessfully to have images of
    himself removed from http://www.annika1980.com, claiming he owned the
    copyright but was unable to prove that claim so they stay.

    I suppose even blind Freddie could see that someone standing on a
    stage looking like a gross idiot could hardly be the photographer
    claiming copyright. DUH! Also the issue of Annika1980 having
    previously stated publicly he has "no interest in Copyright, go ahead
    and steal all you want", might also throw his false accusations into

    In any event, Bret Douglas of Oak Ridge Drive Chattanooga, Tennessee,
    illegally misappropriated Copyright material and used it for his own
    purposes without the authority of the legal copyright owner.

    He forged the identity of the man he stole images from and defamed him
    and his clients with disgusting remarks about the people in the

    Not content with this, he tried to obtain the Pro Photographer's
    passwords to business accounts and carried out a prolonged and
    targeted campaign of harassment, intimidation and defamation aimed at
    the Pro.

    Why did he do this?
    The Pro told him his photography was crap.
    The full history of this person's disgusting and criminal behavior is
    at: http://www.annika1980.com
    ANNIKA1980.com, May 18, 2007
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  2. lies and crap snipped
    Atheist Chaplain, May 21, 2007
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