Adobe Elements 2.0

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Robert Peirce, Jun 29, 2003.

  1. I have 1.0, but I have never used it since it runs in Classic. I also
    have GraphicConverter 4.7 that I use a lot. I can get AE 2.0 for about
    $80. My questions, for those of you familiar with both AE and GC, are:
    What are the benefits of adding AE? What does AE do that GC doesn't?

    If these seem like stupid questions with obvious answers, please
    remember that I don't currently use AE1.0 and I don't really know
    anything about it.
    Robert Peirce, Jun 29, 2003
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  2. Robert Peirce

    AES/newspost Guest

    Just to confirm, from another strictly amateur user, that Photoshop
    Elements seems to be a "Photoshop Lite" that is less expensive but still
    contains many of the core features of the full-bore PhotoShop, and is
    (in my limited experience anyway) fairly easy to learn and use.

    Also throw in my standard plug: iView MediaPro is a very nice program
    for inputting, cataloging, organizing, "webbing", "slide showing", and
    doing simple image manipulations on digital images in the Mac.
    GraphicConverter has, and merits, a very strong reputation in these
    areas also; but I think if I were forced to chose one only, I'd take
    iView over GC.
    AES/newspost, Jun 29, 2003
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