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Discussion in 'Photography' started by Joel, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. Joel

    Joel Guest

    I've signed up for Adobe Beta and had few beta versions installed on my
    system for quite sometime, but was too busy to work on it but few quick look
    at the interface. Yesterday, I installed the final version and it looks and
    feel so alien to me, so I spent more time reading and watching few video
    tutorial than learning the new interface and new commands.

    With ARC cuz I have been using it for over a year so I pretty much know
    what the commands do, where they are located, and what I need to do etc. so
    it usually take me some quick seconds to get the photo adjusted before
    opened in Photoshop for the final retouch etc..

    The Adobe Lighting seems pretty interesting, it has quite afew different
    look and feel as well as different result comparing to ARC, and it may take
    me few weeks with lot of practicing to get used to with the new interface
    and adjusting. It's more of tool for photography than RAW converter as it
    not only can do few editting, it also support JPG (and probably other
    formats?? not so sure on this one).

    Anyway, it seems to have some tools like Healing, Cloning, Red-Eye etc.
    that RAW Converters don't have or not suppose to have. Yup! it seems tobe
    better than the old ARC but I don't know if it's worth to have along with
    the coming CS3 (I read the newer ARC is better than current), but nice to
    have if anyone can afford the extra ($100 as educational price).

    Anyway, I just wanna lets you know that it's out, not the review or
    anything as I don't know much about it myself. And since last nite til now,
    I have only done 2 photos with Lighting, each took me ## minutes (too much
    learning with messing up and confusing to know exactly how long), and I
    haven't loaded those two to Photoshop to have a closer look at them yet. Or
    if it was ARC then I may have hundred(s) done <bg>
    Joel, Feb 21, 2007
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  2. Plus TIFF and PSD, but I think only simple ones are handled properly.
    Red-eye and Spot have appeared in raw converters before. (Eg. Nikon,
    and I think Aperture). I guess they will become mainstream - but we
    will probably stop thinking of many of them as pure raw converters
    anyway, because as you point out they handle other file formats too.

    I am expecting CS3 / ACR 4.x to have several similar features to
    Lightroom. ACR 4.0 beta already processes JPEGs and TIFFs.
    Some reading material, including cautionary notes on how to reduce
    certain performance problems:


    Barry Pearson, Feb 21, 2007
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  3. Joel

    Joel Guest

    Thanks for the confirmation. I am guessing that Adobe's own RAW format
    DNG may be among supported formats too. And I think those should cover both
    Photoshop and non-Photoshop user, or should be good simple tool for many
    Interesting and I didn't know other can do some editting. Well, in some
    web forums I have pointed out to some RAW users and even author of some RAW
    articles/video/book that Photoshop has just about all the commands most if
    not all RAW converters have, and probably 100-200% times more than most RAW
    converters have.

    Now, many RAW users may have the chance to look at how Lightroom handles
    other non-RAW formats to realize that most RAW converters only have very
    limited of commands. And I have been trying to suggest many serious users
    not to stop at RAW but spend more time on Photoshop
    ACR 4.0 does? right now, I don't really care if Lightroom and ACR 4.x
    handle other format or not, but I really want to get my hand on CS3 for some
    newer feature.

    Yes, I have signed up and did download the CS3 beta directly from Abobe
    site hours before official available to public, but I can't pass the
    Copyright Agreement screen to continue the installation (I mentioned in
    other message)
    Thanks for the links (saved). I did some reading now and then for the
    past several months (and stop by Adobe forum now and then), and few online
    video tutorials recently to get some general idea to help me exploding it

    Well, after almost 24 hrs I have finally got about 4 photos done and 3
    redone with Lightroom, and still learning to get used to with the sensitive
    sliders and the displaying. And I hope that in the next few weeks of
    practicing I may be able to replace ARC and using Lightroom for real (I post
    process mostly for printing not displaying).

    Again, thanks for the links.
    Joel, Feb 21, 2007
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