Adobe Pro right-mouse options gone! Navigator gone

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by SimMike-, May 7, 2004.

  1. SimMike-

    SimMike- Guest

    I just started fooling around with a copy of Adobe Premiere Pro. Some of the
    standard right-mouse click options seem to have disappeared. For instance, in
    Premiere 6.5 right-mouse clicking on a clip in the timeline gave you "Video
    Options" which included the all important "motion" effect. Clicking on this
    would open a nice big motion box where you could tweak the motion settings for
    this particular clip or picture.

    With Premiere Pro, right-mouse click gives you very limited options, certainly
    no video and motion options. What gives? What is equally disturbing is I can't
    seem to find out how to open the visual motion box.

    Also for some odd reason they took away the very useful "image pan" video
    filter. This is what I used for dreamy slow motion pans across still frames.

    Also, did they take out the "Navigator" which allowed you to swiftly move around
    a project and easily zoom the timeline in and out? I love the Navigator box in
    Photoshop and I liked having it in 6.5.

    Maybe the version of Pro I am testing is configured wrong. If not, I have to say
    Premiere Pro sucks big-time because it broke a cardinal rule of upgrades in that
    it takes options away instead of adding options.
    SimMike-, May 7, 2004
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