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Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by The Bill Mattocks, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. I often order from B&H - like most people, I find their service
    superb. I also have done business with Adorama, and they also have a
    good reputation. But my last two experiences have left me a bit cold
    to them.

    First experience - I ordered a monopod, specified overnight delivery
    to make sure I got it on time for a trip I was taking. Gave myself
    plenty of leeway. Got an e-mail two days before the trip - Tobias
    informed me that the monopod I wanted was out of stock, was
    backordered three weeks, but they'd ship it when they got it. I
    called to let Tobias know that unfortunately, I couldn't wait three
    weeks. He said "Fine, order cancelled." and hung up on me. I was
    about to ask him about what models he *did* have in stock, but never
    got the chance. I bought the monopod from B&H. Got it in plenty of
    time. Guess Tobias didn't really want my money.

    Second experience - I ordered a used teleconverter from Adorama on
    Tuesday morning after noticing it on their webpage. I ordered some
    film at the same time. Order came to just over $100 with second-day
    shipping. I figured that if they shipped the order on Tuesday
    afternoon, I'd have it on Thursday - and once again, I'm leaving town
    on a trip on Friday morning.

    However, I realized that Adorama might not be able to ship the order
    on Tuesday. So to be safe, I made a note in the 'Comments you'd like
    us to know about as we prepare your order' box on their website. I
    said to call me if for any reason they could not ship on Tuesday. I
    figured I'd make a judgement call and either have them ship it
    overnight, or send it via slow-boat and I'd pick up some film locally.
    I did not get a call on Tuesday.

    This afternoon, I got an email from Adorama, telling me to call Jack
    Gold. I called, was placed on hold for quite a long time, and then
    Jack Gold abruptly asked me why I was calling him. I told him that
    his email *said* I should call him.

    Oh, yes, he recalled. The teleconverter I wanted turned out to be
    junk - broken or something. But as luck would have it, another just
    like it, but in good shape, came in just as they were about to cancel
    my order. He would ship the order out second-day air on Wednesday
    (today). I told him that this was why I left instructions to call me
    if shipping could not occur on Tuesday - I will be out of town when
    the order arrives. No reaction. I expressed my dismay that they had
    not read what I had specified on the order, even though their webpage
    told me to give them explicit instructions.

    He volunteered to ship it overnight - didn't say who would pay for the
    faster delivery. No problem, I agreed, and even said I'd pay the
    overnight charges. He said he'd try to catch the package before it
    shipped. Then he hung up on me. No goodbye, nothing.

    My wife is from NYC, so I'm not unaware that things are different than
    they are here in New Mexico - what we consider rude is just everyday
    life to them. But I really don't like being hung up on, and that's
    twice with Adorama. I don't care where you're from, how hard is it to
    say "Goodbye" into the phone and hear a response before disconnecting
    from the call? I understand that New Yorkers can be abrupt, do they
    not know that many of the us in the rest of the country don't care for

    A few minutes later, I got an email from Adorama telling me my order
    had been shipped - second-day air. Just what I *didn't* want to have

    I really don't care if I get the film before I leave on vacation
    Friday, I can pick it up locally. I can wait for the teleconverter.
    But if I had been given that choice, I'd have chosen cheaper slow-boat
    shipping, and as it was, I was perfectly willing to even pay for
    overnight shipping given the circumstances. But nope - I now pay for
    second-day air for a package that will sit in my apartment manager's
    office until I get back. Lovely.

    OK, so end of grumble. I'm not really that upset, it's not the end of
    the world. But I will tend towards ordering from B&H *all* the time
    in the future. They have not let me down, and their salespeople don't
    hang up on me.

    And I didn't really buy the dog-n-pony show about the teleconverter
    that turned out to be junk, then magically another one showed up just
    in the nick of time. This is a used Komura 2x Telemore for Bronica
    S2A's. Not overly rare, but not exactly falling out of the sky,
    either. And I didn't need the song-n-dance. I was perfectly happy to
    pay the overnight charges - I just want what I want when I want it,
    and spare me the drama!

    Sometimes it is the little things, Adorama. I'll pay more for better
    treatment, but dang it, I *want* the better treatment when I pay for
    it. B&H gets that. Adorama appears not to.

    Best Regards,

    Bill Mattocks
    The Bill Mattocks, Jul 17, 2003
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  2. I had the same experience when Adorama tried to get me to buy a set of
    filters for a lens I'd ordered. Once I said "no," the guy just hung
    up. No goodbye, no "sorry to bother you," no nothing. The whole
    experience left a bad taste in my mouth -- reminiscent of one of those
    rip-off joints, though, in fairness, I received my order in a timely
    manner, and it was exactly what I'd paid for.

    From what I can tell, the folks at Adorama are jerks. They seem to be
    reasonably honest jerks, but they're jerks nonetheless. And being
    from New York is no excuse; they have an internet/mail order business
    that reaches out to the whole country. They have at least a bit of an
    obligation to accommodate the standards of courtesy common in the rest
    of America. Besides, while New Yorkers tend to be a bit more brusque
    than people in a small town in Iowa, most New Yorkers manage refrain
    from simply hanging up on customers.
    Pete McCutchen, Jul 17, 2003
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  3. i also got the idiot message to call adorama about my internet lens order.
    what they wanted was to sell me filters. the answer was no . they lost me
    as a customer with that trickery. B+H has never done that to me. also b+h
    gets out the order faster.
    Irving Weisberger, Jul 17, 2003
  4. The Bill Mattocks

    Guest Guest

    Correction, B&H HAS done that to me. about a few years ago, I ordered
    a Nikkor 28mm AF f2.8D lens from them, and didn't know better, I
    ordered a cheap tiffen UV filter alone with it.

    I forgot whether i called them about something, or they called me, but
    the guy on the phone told me the tiffen filter I had is crap and I am
    better off getting a better filter for my 28mm prime. So I took his
    advice and got the B+W 52mm multi-coated filter, for $25 something.

    Not that I am complaining, but at least it has happened to me. Do I
    regret the decision? No. Actually on my next order I am getting
    another B+W filter. :)

    Just my 2 cents.

    Guest, Jul 17, 2003
  5. The Bill Mattocks

    Mark M Guest

    He was doing you a favor.
    Tiffen filters are built like crap.
    I once bought a set of 4 Tiffens, 3 of 4 eventually kept popping out of
    their housing. I eventually got so irritated that I threw them in the trash
    and went back to Hoya/B&W.
    They are cheaper because they are...well...CHEAP.
    Mark M, Jul 18, 2003
  6. The Bill Mattocks

    Mark M Guest

    That's funny.
    I was just reading this post by "Mikey" and thinking...
    "That Mikey...what an a**hole."
    Mark M, Jul 18, 2003
  7. The Bill Mattocks

    Tony Spadaro Guest

    Mikey, Mikey, Mikey - what a slimey little shite you are. You know, even if
    you were to clean up your act as much as possible civilized humans would
    still find you unacceptable company under any circumstances. Killfiles are
    wonderful. Like toilets that never overflow. Bye Mikey. FLUSSSSH!

    home of The Camera-ist's Manifesto
    The Improved Links Pages are at
    New email - Contact on the Menyou page.
    Tony Spadaro, Jul 18, 2003
  8. The Bill Mattocks

    John Miller Guest

    (sic)...which was pretty funny, coming on the heels of a complaint about
    someone else not having an education.
    John Miller, Jul 18, 2003
  9. Haha, what a jackass... you may want to go back to 3rd-grade English and
    relearn what "prejudiced" means. Nice job not prejudging anybody by saying
    "probably doens't even have an education, and is probably an east Indian."

    Or did I fall for the troll?
    Phil, Squid-in-Training, Jul 19, 2003
  10. Whoops, shoulda read the other posts first.
    Phil, Squid-in-Training, Jul 19, 2003
  11. Several years ago, I called one of the NYC stores, and the salesman
    So if we, as a collective body, start up a new photography/videography
    company based on friendliness, we should be at the top of the sellers,
    right? As long as we're not based in NYC...
    Phil, Squid-in-Training, Jul 19, 2003
  12. The Bill Mattocks

    Mike Elek Guest

    Common courtesy, honesty and respect go a long way. Both in business and
    society. Something not practiced nearly as often as it should, including
    this newsgroup and others.
    Mike Elek, Jul 19, 2003
  13. The Bill Mattocks

    Guest Guest

    Archived from (Mikey) on 17 Jul 2003 16:49:44

    Uh huh. I can see by your comments that you harbour no deep-seated
    prejudice borne of stupidity, ignorance, social ineptitude, and mindless
    arrogance. Doubtless some of your dearest friends are East Indian camera
    Guest, Jul 19, 2003
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