ADS DVD Xpress hardware temporal and spatial video pre-processing filters

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Fox in The Hat Productions, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. ADS DVD Xpress temporal and spatial video pre-processing filters

    I have someone looking for an inexpensive external (USB) MPEG-2
    (DVD format) realtime hardware encoder. I quickly checked the web for
    brands/models and this one seems to be the only on that offers or
    Features a 9 bit video digitizer with 2x oversampling and 4 line comb
    filter with Hareware temporal and spatial video pre-processing filters.

    What this does is clean up a dirty or noisey video. This is what ADS
    says "Noisy old Video Tapes? Video tapes degrade over time, so you’ll
    want to get all of your family memories and video tape collection on
    to disk before they fade away. Try the Video Pre-processing Filters
    to help remove some of the noise. The Temporal filter removes
    noise detected across 2 or more frames of video. The Spatial filter
    looks for noise within each field of video. Use these filters in
    combination for the best noise reduction for your tape."

    Another site says "High-quality design features the Cirrus Logic
    2288 DVD Encoder chip found in professional DVD recorders and players"

    Can anyone tell me how well this actually works and if any other
    USB consumer products have this? I guess you could digitally restore
    or clean up a old video that was degrading over time.

    How about the "Audio-Lock technology for perfect lip synch?
    Does it really work.

    Please post any reviews or thoughts on this model.
    Fox in The Hat Productions, Oct 24, 2003
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  2. Fox in The Hat Productions

    Pond Scum Guest

    Try posting over in There are a lot
    more Instant DVD/DVD Xpress users over there. DVD Xpress looks like Instant
    DVD 2.0, minus the export capability and DVD authoring software.

    Pond Scum, Oct 25, 2003
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