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Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Ben, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Ben

    Ben Guest

    Anyone have any recommendations for a point and shoot digital camera?

    My brothers getting married this weekend and he's off on honeymoon and
    would like to get some great pics (not just of the mrs!) to keep.

    Something small & usable with great image quality, some sort of optical
    zoom, good battery life ... to be used in hot weather.

    Not so sure about budget, I guess its likely to be sold on once he comes
    back as not much of a photo taker usually so something not likely to
    lose a great deal in value would help but is not essential!

    So, budget wise - maybe upto £300 including suitable memory card/s for a
    3 week honeymoon with plenty of opportunity for snapping shots -
    although he's not much of a photo taker anyway, its more for the album
    to keep.

    With my own looking around the canon ixus seems good ..... I dont know
    much about print quality ... what sort of megapixel quality will give
    some really great wedding sized type photos to pass on to close family?

    5, 6, 7 .... mp?
    Ben, Apr 5, 2006
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  2. Ben

    ASAAR Guest

    Canon's A610 and A620 are very nice cameras that have very good
    image quality (for a P&S, which shouldn't be compared with DSLRs).
    They have Canon's latest Digic processors which are very fast, which
    means that unlike most older P&S cameras, when you press the shutter
    there shouldn't be a long delay before the picture is taken. It
    also gets phenominally long life from AA batteries. Many cameras
    that use AA batteries probably don't get really good battery life
    unless NiMH rechargeable batteries are used. These two are among
    the latest cameras that can get well not just hundreds but well over
    1000 shots from a single set of batteries. They're not small enough
    to fit in a shirt pocket, but they're still fairly small and
    lightweight cameras.

    They use readily available, inexpensive SD cards. I'd recommend
    getting two 1GB cards, but one may prove sufficient. (I think that
    I've seen some 2GB cards advertised for $49 each in the USA) And if
    the card fills before the honeymoon is over and your brother can
    return to a computer (to save the pictures to the hard disk or copy
    to CD), it should be easy enough to buy another card - unless the
    honeymoon is located in some remote, desolate location.
    ASAAR, Apr 5, 2006
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  3. Ben

    Ben Guest

    Looks like it'll be the Canon Powershot A620 ... although drawn to the
    slimmer, smaller ixus range but they seem to command a premium and have
    more issues with the reviewers.

    I like the sound of good battery life with the a620 from the nimh re-
    chargables and also the fact the screen can be left off for much greater
    battery life.

    .... and to top it off lots of reviews of great picture quality which is
    what is needed most of all.

    Ben, Apr 5, 2006
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