Advice me pls (super zoom)..... Canon Powershot S3 IS or Panasonic DMC-FZ7

Discussion in 'Panasonic Lumix' started by dalimoh, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. dalimoh

    dalimoh Guest

    Hello all,

    I want to buy a super zoom camera.

    I do not mind technicalities (i am doing my PhD in physics) and i like
    talking to experts to know their opinions (thats why i am posting this
    here). No matter what camera i chose I intend to read its manual and
    take experts adviced to get the best outcome of the camera. I am
    someone who intend to put serious effort in this.

    My decision budgetwise came down after reading hundreds of reviews to
    3 cameras,

    Panasonic FZ7
    Canon S3 IS
    Panasonic FZ8 (coming out soon)

    Major differences i noticed between the models are


    is better for outdoors, has better IS system because it corrects for
    both camera shaking and object motion, its pics colors are over
    saturated, no use of AA batteries, poor large LCD screen

    S3 IS

    is better for indoors, its IS system corrects only for camera shake
    but not object motion, amazing video, its pics colors are natural,
    beautiful small LCD screen

    What do i want to do with the camera?

    I want to be able to take decent high quality clear pics outdoors for
    soccer actions, beaches, scenery and landcapes, birds, forest, and
    indoors with family and friends.

    I am not into using tripods, i like point and shoot style.
    I do not intend to print any picture.

    I am not into spending time editing pics or adding special effects
    using software either (graduate school takes most of my time already),
    do all digital photographers edit their photos?

    Can one buy additional special lens for either FZ7 or S3 to be able to
    take super macro pics for insects for example or not ?

    Which battery type is better, some say AA are better some say
    rechargable are better !

    I am unable to make up my mind which camera to chose, to me , both
    copensate each other, and I read hundreds of reviews , those who
    purchased S3 love it because of this and that, and those who purchased
    FZ7 love it because of this and that, and most of those people just
    taking picture by pressing buttons, they are not into spending time
    and effort in getting the best outcome of the camera, so i am unable
    to make up my mind according to their openions because their opinions
    are not authentic openions, i do not know even if I should wait for
    FZ8 to come out or not

    So now I want the experts openions, specially those who have tried
    both cameras S3 and FZ7

    sorry for my long post but you guys are my last resort

    thnx in advance
    dalimoh, Feb 13, 2007
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  2. The slr-systems portion of the hierarchy doesn't deal with
    non-SLR cameras, so followups have been set.

    John McWilliams, Feb 13, 2007
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  3. dalimoh

    babaloo Guest

    When you grow up you may want to advance your skills in photography.
    I believe the Panasonics allow recording in raw format, which is a decided
    Otherwise a commodity is a commodity-some oranges taste better than others
    but they are still oranges: these are all capable jpeg machines.
    babaloo, Feb 13, 2007
  4. Find a store that stocks both the FZ7 and the S3IS (the FZ8 isn't out
    yet), and see which one feels better to you. Which one sits more
    naturally in your hand. Which one has more intuitive controls.

    There isn't actually all that that much difference in image quality or
    much else between the two; to draw the distinctions, the reviewers zoom
    way in and look at a level of detail that isn't going to be apparent
    unless you make big prints.

    Then, if you decide that you like the Panasonic better, figure out
    whether you need the camera now or whether waiting a month for the new
    model is a reasonable option. The FZ8 has, if memory serves, a
    higher-resolution electronic viewfinder and an extra megapixel on the
    main sensor, but is otherwise about the same as the FZ7.

    For whatever it's worth, when I was faced with the same decision ~2
    years ago, I chose the FZ5 over the S2IS. But, your mileage will vary,
    so try the models out for yourself.

    Daniel Silevitch, Feb 13, 2007
  5. dalimoh

    ray Guest

    I'm certainly not an expert, but I'd certainly advise you to look through
    the viewfinder on the cameras you are considering. I'd like to suggest you
    also look through the viewfinder of a Kodak EVF. Most manufacturers build
    EVF cameras with about 110k pixel resolution on the Electronic View Finder
    - the Kodak models (I particularly like the P series) use 237k - it makes
    quite a difference.
    ray, Feb 13, 2007
  6. dalimoh

    J. Clarke Guest

    FZ50 and others in that series do, FZ7 and others in that series do
    not, at least not so far--I'd be surprised if the FZ8 did but I
    haven't seen or read a complete review on one.
    J. Clarke, Feb 13, 2007
  7. The FZ8 does do RAW; that was one of the big upgrades between the 7 and
    the 8. DPReview already has a full review up, and they talk about using
    RAW mode to get around the heavy noise reduction.

    Daniel Silevitch, Feb 13, 2007
  8. dalimoh

    J. Clarke Guest

    ???? No IS corrects for object motion. The one on the FZ7 certainly
    Many controls on the image, but no RAW. Don't assume because you see
    oversaturated results that they _must_ be oversaturated.
    Nothing "poor" about it--it works fine.
    Don't have one--it may be better than the Panasonic but I'd be very
    Get an SLR. Period. For fast moving sports with unpredictable action
    get an SLR.
    FZ is fine for these.
    Long lens on the FZ is good, but lag in the EVF can make birds hard to
    Nothing really special about forest.
    FZ is ok with good light for this.
    You're handicapping yourself.
    FZ does fine for insects with the standard lens. Here are a few.

    <[email protected]/sets/72157594534332267/>

    Note that the long macro capability is very nice for this purpose.
    This is a religious issue for some people. It doesn't really matter
    unless you have a special requirement.
    I'd wait for the FZ8 myself--it does everything the FZ7 does and a few
    things besides and has RAW mode, not that that's important to you
    right now but it may be in the future, especially for low light.
    J. Clarke, Feb 13, 2007
  9. dalimoh

    Just D Guest

    I want to buy a super zoom camera.

    Btw, why sir doesn't even consider Olympus with its promising 18X zoom in a
    month or two?

    Just D.
    Just D, Feb 13, 2007
  10. dalimoh

    J. Clarke Guest

    Should have checked dpreview before I wrote that--turns out that one
    of the changes from the FZ7 to the FZ8 is the addition of RAW mode.
    J. Clarke, Feb 13, 2007
  11. dalimoh

    J. Clarke Guest

    Now that looks promising, if it delivers.
    J. Clarke, Feb 13, 2007
  12. dalimoh

    Just D Guest

    "J. Clarke"
    We all saw some test shots made by this camera a few weeks ago. Still want
    to hold this device in my own hands for a while to test it out...) It could
    be a good secondary device for me and primary for my family. Other few are
    too powerful, or instead too light, weak, or just very old to be even

    Just D.
    Just D, Feb 14, 2007
  13. dalimoh

    dalimoh Guest

    good point, the problem is , Olympus is expected to be around $500,
    this is like $100 above my budget

    i have read some of its 1st reviews, it is that expensive basically
    because of its strong zooming power , if it turned out to be a really
    competetive camera with decent features, i might sacrifice an extra
    100 buks for it

    may be the wisest thing to do is to wait till FZ8 and Olympus come out
    and their reviews are complete then decide, i hope they come out soon
    tho, there is no indication about the release date anywhere on the net

    dalimoh, Feb 14, 2007
  14. dalimoh

    Just D Guest

    Sorry, I didn't notice that. From another side you never kept in mind the
    "digital camera" for less than $20. I saw several in the store, that's
    scary! :) Just toys for children.
    Even 12-12 in earlier models was so convenient! But 18, but distortions...
    but the sensor size and difraction... :( So I'd like to hold it just to see
    how it works and make several shots. Yes, it should have advantages as well
    as disadvantages and even weakness that are not yet published because it's
    gonna be sold first...) If customer knew aboud disadvantages first... :)
    A simple math shows 4 times of these extras. :( Everybody would take it for
    1-2 hundreds for sure.
    Having the very nice Fry's Electronics policy working we can get all these
    devices to test them out. Just time and patience.

    Just D.
    Just D, Feb 14, 2007
  15. dalimoh

    Jim Redelfs Guest

    Jim Redelfs, Feb 14, 2007
  16. dalimoh

    Guest Guest

    Forget about all those old model 12x zooms, all been benchmarked and
    improved on, get into the BEST :

    Olympus 18x zoom[WOW!] together with the widest lens 28mm of the
    superzooms, best battery life, best screen, best, fastest etc etc

    Yeap, SP-550 UL is the way to go:

    Just wonder if General Electric are going to have one too?

    Guest, Feb 14, 2007
  17. dalimoh

    dalimoh Guest

    well as i said this is a bit expensive for me, besides this camera's
    reviews are not complete yet

    meanwhile i found the 1st sign for FZ8 coming out at $350 which is
    quite an affordable price from panasonic site, v long link

    dalimoh, Feb 14, 2007
  18. dalimoh

    Just D Guest

    Decide to make a quick search and was impressed:

    Adorama has it in stock. Interesting... OOops. The closer look shows that
    it's just a promise, they want to get money showing that you can buy it
    right now, so they will never charge you until it's shipped, it's just
    reserving the order, good move:

    It's a backordered item expected by March 2007.

    Just D.
    Just D, Feb 14, 2007
  19. dalimoh

    dalimoh Guest

    well, I hope the 550 is as good. But, I dunno...7MPs crammed onto a
    small sensor and an 18z zoom is worrysome from an optics standpoint.

    as i said the wisest thing is to wait, and i hope soon technical
    reviews of FZ8 and Olympus SP-550 UZ will be available (so far only
    one technical review exist for FZ8 on dpreview site)

    all what is available are just 1st impression reviews, and mostly
    contain the stuff already exists in the announcement information made
    by the companies themselves

    let me know if anybody find a technical review on the level of for Olympus SP-550 UZ

    if Olympus SP-550 UZ turne out to have at least the same image quality
    and at most the same noise level (for low ISO settings) of Canon
    powershot S3 IS and Panasonic FZ8, it would be a real blast for 2007

    dalimoh, Feb 14, 2007
  20. dalimoh

    B. Dover Guest

    If you do not plan on prints and want decent images why not try a
    Canon S2 IS. I have one and it is excellent. Dell was selling them for
    $240 a few days ago. You would save a few bucks.

    B. Dover, Feb 16, 2007
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