advice needed for editing menus on dvd-vr discs

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by AnthonyR, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. AnthonyR

    AnthonyR Guest

    Hi Guys,

    Just want to say Thanks in advance for any help. I use premiere and encore
    for making my videos and dvd's and understand all that is involved in making
    dvd-video compliant dvd's.

    However recently I discovered that there is an easy way to take dvd's made
    with my standalone philips dvd recorder and quickly edit the menu's on my pc
    to give them a more finished look than the standard philips thumbnails.

    I found this real interesting to know. Apparently these standalone dvd's
    aren't authored in the normal dvd-video format but rather in a more editable
    dvd-vr, or in my case I guess, dvd+vr. It has to be a rewriteable disc of
    I already downloaded 2 programs to test this, first the cyberlink producer2
    platinum, it has a 30 minute limit so I couldn't really test it on most of
    my already made discs but did work with a quick test disc I made.

    Then I downloaded the Ulead Movie Factory3, and it also worked in allowing
    me to change the look of the DVD, the background, even add a startup clip,
    easily change chapter points etc.
    Both products made a finished dvd that played on all of my dvd players even
    the recorder but of course the recorder no longer was able to add to these
    discs again, unless you erase them on the pc first.

    I wasn't really happy with the editing features, for instance, I want a fast
    way to remove commercials, in either product.
    And both had lots of features I really didn't need.

    I was just wondering cause I guess this is a new area, had no
    info for me, does anyone here know of a better
    product out there made for just this purpose?

    Something simple that will take an already recorded program from a
    standalone recorder, allow you to open it on a PC, edit out the commercials
    quickly, (hide them, whatever), add a nice background shot, a quick title,
    some new thumbnails and close up the session again. This would be a great
    piece of software to have!
    On top of all our pro editing and authoring stuff.
    it would allow quick editing of standalone disc to resemble professionally
    authored discs and easy tv show backups.

    Thanks in advance,
    AnthonyR, Oct 8, 2004
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  2. AnthonyR

    Ken Maltby Guest

    You may be able to use TMPGEnc DVD Author, it will accept
    some DVD Recorder disks. You might run it through VideoReDo
    first, it will do frame accurate cuts and is very fast.

    Ken Maltby, Oct 8, 2004
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  3. AnthonyR

    AnthonyR Guest

    Thanks for the reply, last night I downloaded neoDVD6 for $49 then realized
    I needed the ac3 encoder for another $15 to edit the dolby digital files my
    philips standalone makes.
    So far I am not happy with it at all. They claim the fastest rendering and
    encoding speed, fine but I don't need to re-encode just remove some
    commercials and re-arrange the thumbnails and add a better background, all
    things they said it could do.
    What I am not satisfied with so far, is the painstakingly slow speed to try
    and edit the video!
    You drag the pointer over a tiny amount and need to wait!! and wait! and
    wait. At this pace, just finding where the commercials are has caused me to
    get more grey hair, lol. Both from frustration and the time it takes, LOL.

    So I'll give it a few more days to play with and then take them up on their
    30 day refund policy, I guess.
    I wish it worked better on my system.

    Thanks for the tip on TMPGEnc DVD Author, if they have a demo, I will go get
    it now, can't wait to try something that actually works at this task. Too
    bad Premiere Pro doesn't allow editing of these DVD+VR files.
    Thanks again,
    AnthonyR, Oct 8, 2004
  4. AnthonyR

    Ken Maltby Guest

    TMPGEnc DVD Author has a free
    30 day demo; but it also requires a plug-in for AC-3 that you
    have to pay for. It may be that it will recognize the one you
    have on your system now and use that.

    If VideoReDo works with your
    "VR" files, you are in for a major surprise when you edit
    commercials. Try it and post your impression.

    Ken Maltby, Oct 8, 2004
  5. AnthonyR

    Ken Maltby Guest

    **Slight correction ***

    TMPGEnc DVD Author will process the AC-3 audio
    without the plug-in and it will be correct on the finished
    DVD. You just won't hear any sound as you edit/author
    the DVD. It seems that the royalty that must be paid is for
    "Playback" of the AC-3 format. In fact, if you want to use
    existing AC-3 audio with more than 2 (Stereo) channels,
    like 5.1 then you would turn off the plug-in anyway.
    Ken Maltby, Oct 8, 2004
  6. AnthonyR

    AnthonyR Guest

    Thanks again,
    I downloaded the 30 day trial of DVD Author it recognized my video files on
    the dvd+vr disc and allowed me to do some simple editing, it recommended I
    transfer the files to the HD for editing as DVD drives are much slower. I
    didn't bother trying that option yet because I wanted to compare it to what
    the editing was like from the disc. The menu process was very simple, I
    selected a screencapture jpg I had made in another program as the background
    and let it make a thumbnail for every chapter. Simple, at the moment it is
    transferring the files to the finished product located on my HD which I
    guess I will have to burn to another dvd afterwards. So far has been working
    for about 70 minutes and says its got 100 more to go.
    It should make a finished DVD-Video Disc in the end.
    This is however longer than I had hoped something like this would take.
    I was planning a simple process and menu change that would just change the
    files on the disc and not need to re-author anything, but at least it was
    able to read the mpeg vob files off the standalone disc, that's something.

    Next I will try the VideoReDo software and see what that's about, I like
    surprises. LOL
    I'll keep you posted, Thanks
    AnthonyR, Oct 8, 2004
  7. AnthonyR

    AnthonyR Guest

    VideoReDo looks promising for quick editing of mpeg and vob files. Sort of
    like Womble MPEG Editor I had tried a year or so ago. There is a quick
    tutorial on how to get vob files correctly off the standalone dvd's using

    Sounds pretty simple enough, although adds another step and more time. I
    will download the demo, go through the process and then decide which
    authoring software will accept the VideoReDo files and see how long it all
    Hopefully the mpg files will be compatible with adobe encore, which I
    currently use, if not then i guess I might have to keep
    the neoDVD or buy TMPGEnc DVD Author to finish off the discs.

    Thanks again,
    AnthonyR, Oct 9, 2004
  8. AnthonyR

    Ken Maltby Guest

    When I do a full DVD using files on the hard drive it takes ~15min. to
    make the VIDEO_TS folder. Using the built-in burner it took ~15min.
    to burn @ 4.5X and takes ~10min. @ 6X now.

    I would advise having it transfer the files to your hard drive, for
    two reasons; it is a lot faster and it results in a folder with
    sequentially numbered DVD compliant MPEG files. These files
    can be used with VideoReDo and/or any other program that
    works with MPEG files. If you also check the chapter box, it
    will provide a MPEG file for each chapter.
    Ken Maltby, Oct 9, 2004
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