Advice on getting a press-pass from the local paper?

Discussion in 'Photography' started by JD, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. JD

    JD Guest

    So I have been wanting to get a press-pass so I can do more photojournalism,
    but haven't been to sure how to go about this. Well, I was talking to
    someone a week or so ago, and he suggested that I go to the local paper
    (Elgin is very small and so it the paper- ), and
    as them for a "Texas Press-Pass". Of course I would take pictures for them
    and they would be given to that paper for use. Basically, it would be my
    opporituity to start getting things published, as well as have better access
    to the events/stories I want to cover, and it would also give them more
    media to use if they would like to. This seems like a good idea to me, and I
    thought I might go talk to them on my lunch break today, however I have a
    few questions...

    First, what is a "Texas Press-Pass"?
    Also, should I basically just tell them what I just told you, that I'd like
    to do work for them in exchange for a press-pass? Should I look for a
    contract of some sort, or go informal for now? At the moment, I am not
    looking to make money, but more just to be published and get my work out
    there, as well as have something for a resume down the road.

    It seems to me a good trade. All they have to give me is a press pass, and
    they get photo's to use as they please at no cost to them. But, should I put
    it to them like that, or should I go in looking for a paying job? Since I'm
    not published at all, and have no professional photography experience, I
    have no photography related resume to show them, so it kind of hinders my
    ability to look for a paying job... or does it?

    Any advice/help is greatly appreciated... Thank you...!
    JD, Nov 21, 2006
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  2. JD

    Rick Sciacca Guest

    My guess is they will want to pay you as freelance, and only buy pix that
    they need from you. That is how I would approach them anyway.
    -- Rick
    Rick Sciacca, Nov 21, 2006
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