advice on lense selection for newbie slr user

Discussion in 'Photography' started by puck, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. puck

    puck Guest


    i had a few questions as a starter in amateur photography. eventually,
    i want to be able to take nice and sharp images with lovely contrast
    or artistic blurred vision and have total control over my camera and

    my starter kit setup is as below -
    olympus om40 slr
    60-300mm f/4 sirius lense
    28mm f/2.8 sigma lense
    50mm f/1.8 zuiko multicoated olympus lense
    24mm f/2.8 vivitar lense
    praktica 24bd ttl flash unit
    cheap lightweight tripod
    cheap lightweight monopod
    cheap generic shutter release cable
    quite old leningrad 4 russian made light metre
    filters - polarising, neutral density, 80c, yellow, green, light blue
    & red
    a used copy of - Basic Photographic Materials and Processes, and a few
    magazines like amateur photographer and black and white photography.

    after around a couple of months of playing around i have just about
    got the hang of manual focus and exposure in colour negetives.
    positives are a little too daunting for the moment and maybe something
    to look into next summer. i am just about to start experimenting with
    black and white c41 process films. mainly taking shots of my cat
    indoors, and for outdoor - architecture, landscape and nature (ducks
    swimming in a lake etc!). i use the 28mm and 50mm lense the most.
    rarely use the 60-300mm zoom as it has been very dark lately to use it
    handheld. 24mm has just arrived and haven't really had a chance to use
    it much yet.

    questions are -
    do i need anymore inexpensive lenses in my setup or what i have is
    quite alright for my needs? is a portrait lense of sorts needed or
    could the existing ones be used?

    is it worth buying a second body cheaply for my amateur enthusiast
    needs? anymore filters useful for black and white?

    best regards
    puck, Dec 1, 2006
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