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Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by Nel, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Nel

    Nel Guest

    I know this is probably the most asked question on here, but I'd like to as
    well - although I can give you more specifics than is generally asked!

    I got stung with my last buy (Vivitar ViviCam3755) which I bought on impulse
    off a shopping channel after being wooh'ed by it's 10x actual zoom! To say
    it's an awful camera would be an understatement - therefore I would like to
    make my next purchase after as much deliberation as possible!

    So, I'm after a digital camera for around £200* that will perform well in
    artificial/low light and has as short a shutter lag as possible. Shutter
    lag is my priority as I get so frustrated at trying to get that perfect shot
    of my son, when he won't keep still for a second.

    Is there a preference on which card to use? I have a few SD cards lying
    around, but does a slow card affect the shutter lag? Which is the fastest

    Also, the Vivitar is a bulky beast, so I'd be looking for something more

    I'd be interested to know if there are British based websites that would
    give good comparisons (hopefully, covering shutter lag/low light etc.)

    *I could possibly go to £250 if that 'magic' model is available!! :)

    Cheers for listening
    Nel, Mar 1, 2007
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  2. Nel

    Ian Riches Guest

    Fuji F30 or the F31fd, if you value the face detection in that model.

    Small, low shutter lag (for a point-and-shoot digicam), good low-light
    performance and decent build quality. I have one, and have no
    hesitation in taking it instead of my bulkier Canon digital SLR on
    occasions where I value its small size!

    Review of it is here:

    The F31fd (which I have) is pretty much identical, except for a face
    detection feature. This works pretty well - and has helped SWMBO get
    pictures with a face in focus and a blurred background, rather than her
    more normal "preference" for the other way around.

    Only downsides of mine are:

    1) It uses XD cards - which are more expensive than many other types.
    2) It is sometimes a bit too keen to ramp up the ISO when in fully-auto
    3) Offers less zoom that some models. It's not a camera to buy of you
    want to take pictures of sparrows at the end of the garden!

    One of these will cost you less than your budget. Amazon prices seem as
    good as anywhere at the moment, with the F30 at UKP 146, and the F31 at
    UKP 162.

    Ian Riches, Mar 2, 2007
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  3. Nel

    Androo Guest

    Is there a preference on which card to use? I have a few SD cards lying
    Indeed, is a great place to go for info about this kind of
    stuff and it is British.

    The Fuji F30/31 is the default choice for people who want a compact camera
    that's good in low light and responds quickly (the Gadget Show on Channel
    Five TV voted it their top choice recently). The only small downside is the
    xD card format, but these days. a 1Gb xD card is only £25 or so, so it's
    hardly a dealbreaker even if you already own a few SD cards.

    If you really do want to stick with SD though, other camera makers (Canon
    especially) are catching up a bit with Fuji in terms of low light
    photography, and most small Canons will take decent photos in low light,
    though they still can't match the Fuji. Consider the Canon Ixus cameras and
    look out for the ones with 'IS' (Image Stabiliser) because that's one thing
    Fuji doesn't have.

    Androo, Mar 2, 2007
  4. PreVisite (PVS-7030)
    7.0 Mega Pixels
    3.0 inch LCD screen
    3X optical zoom
    comes with a "fish eye" lens for visual tour photos, metal carrying case,
    recharger for the batteries. Great for real estate agents or anyone wanting
    to take wide shots. Comes with software. $150
    George Harold Hartshorn III, Dec 4, 2008
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