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Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by hbol, May 9, 2009.

  1. hbol

    hbol Guest

    If this question is on the wrong newsgroup please disregard. I need
    advice on a getting a new camera. My hobby is learning how to make
    combination video/stills records of hillwalks in Scotland. I have
    posted my most recent project on youtube here
    Granted I have a lot to learn, but I am having fun, at least I was
    until my camera died. It was a Rollei da 1325 Prego. I assume it died
    because I demanded it perform in conditons beyond it's suitability -
    namely wet, cold, and inhospitable conditions, but it lasted 2 years.
    I need something better now. I know there are lots and lots of good
    cameras out there but here is my problem:
    I use Windows Movie Maker to make my presentations. Most of the
    cameras I have come across in the market place deal in QT format which
    is incompatible with Movie Maker. I need a camera that shoots it's
    video in AVI format. I know I can convert, but it is a long and
    tedious process that I would rather avoid.
    So, assuming I havent posted this on the wrong newsgroup, is there
    anyone that can offer advice on a good digital camera that shoots
    stills at 10 megapixel and video in AVI format?
    hbol, May 9, 2009
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  2. hbol

    Ben Micklem Guest

    I can recommend the Panasonic FT1 for what you want to do. I shoots 720p
    video in AVCHD lite format (which at the moment doesn't work with all
    editors, but can be converted into another format for editing anyway).
    The really good part is the wide angle lens (28mm) in a periscope design
    (no external moving parts). It is waterproof to 3m, and shockproof. I
    have had it for about a month now, and am really impressed. Still
    quality normally so-so at ISO 200-400, but is very good if you can keep
    it on ISO 80 (which is surprising easy with a 28mm equivalent focal
    length and optical image stabilisation (e.g. with practice you can
    handhold at 1/8 sec).

    This is my first compact camera for a long time, and they have improved
    a lot.

    For long video use, I'd get at least a 16GB card (probably two), Class 6
    is required. And at least one spare battery. The battery life is good
    for stills, poor for video.

    Ben Micklem, May 11, 2009
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  3. hbol

    hbol Guest

    Thanks Ben. I ran a google on it and it looks like a nice camera. I
    like everything about it - but - when I looked at the specs on it I
    found this bit of information:

    "File Format Still Image: JPEG (DCF / Exif2.21) / Image with Audio:
    JPEG (DCF / Exif2.21) + QuickTime / Motion picture:
    AVCHD Lite, QuickTime Motion JPEG"

    It says QuickTime. QuickTime is my nemisis as it requires a conversion
    before I can put it into Windows Movie Maker. There are tons of great
    cameras out there that suit my needs at around the same price as the
    FT1 but they all present their videos in QT! I need one that presents
    it's video in AVI. Thats my problem and why I came to this newsgroup
    for help, on that issue alone. I admit that I am a dummy at
    photography, so maybe I didnt understand what the specs told me. I
    want to avoid the conversion process but it's beginning to look like I
    am on a fools errand.
    hbol, May 11, 2009
  4. hbol

    hbol Guest

    Aha, a conversion program. Very good. There is a site that converts QT
    to AVI for free here: I have been using it
    for some time now and it is pretty good. Also, I have found a site
    that offers advice on buying cameras that produce their video in AVI:
    As I have said, the whole idea is to totally avoid that conversion
    cheers and thanks for the heads up.
    hbol, May 11, 2009
  5. hbol

    Ben Micklem Guest

    The MOV file type, like AVI, is just an envelope format, not the codec
    that has compressed the video. In the case of the Panasonic FT1, it does
    _not_ use MOV containers when shooting 720p. When you switch to the
    Low-resolution (640x480, off the top of my head) MJPEG mode, it
    compresses as MotionJPEG in a MOV container file. I've never used this
    option- the camera is a very capable HD camera, why use it for anything
    else? The HD recording is a AVCHD file (.mts file ending, I think),
    which uses H.264 codec for compression.

    As H.264 is quite processor-intensive, so not many editors use it as a
    native editting format. It is normal to convert into a less-compressed
    file for editting, which means less processor load to achieve real-time
    effects, etc. Any of the following converters will do this:

    AVCHD is a new consumer video file format, which is usually Full-HD 1080
    in H.264, but Panasonic put it into its still cameras as a lower bit
    rate 720 version called AVCHD lite. It is the beginning of the the
    complete cross-over of still and video capture devices.

    Ben Micklem, May 12, 2009
  6. hbol

    hbol Guest

    Yes But Windows movie maker aint going to open it.- Hide quoted text -
    This is my point exactly. I like Windows Movie Maker and will stick
    with it, and the camera I buy will be compatible. Since I posted this
    question I have found some more information on the subject. It is up
    above in the link provided about cameras that shoot video in AVI. Here
    it is again with a quote from the article.
    I quote from this article:
    " For your specific request, there are a number of brands that could
    work. Canon digital cameras record M-JPEG video in .AVI container
    format, including many great point-and-shoot cameras like their
    Digital Elph line and the Canon G9. Nikon Coolpix cameras shoot video
    in an .AVI format. FujiFinepix digital cameras shoot M-JPEG .AVI
    video. Samsung digital cameras record MPEG-4 video with a .AVI file
    This article was of great help and I have been studying the specs on
    these cameras. If anyone has any experience on one of these brands I
    would welcome a critique. When I am hillwalking I encounter all kinds
    of inclement weather conditions so I am looking for something
    waterproof, or at least splash proof.
    hbol, May 12, 2009
  7. hbol


    May 16, 2009
    Likes Received:
    windows movie maker is a very good softie, there are numerous options nowadays in photography
    randiman, May 16, 2009
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