AF SLR with Most Powerful Built-In Flash

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by John Smith, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. John Smith

    John Smith Guest

    At one time I thought Nikon N60 had a pretty good flash, but it is no longer

    Any recommendations among the current offerings?

    John Smith, Oct 8, 2004
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  2. Look at the Maxxum 800si
    Elie A Shammas, Oct 8, 2004
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  3. If you want a really powerful flash, why limit yourself to built in
    Joseph Meehan, Oct 8, 2004
  4. John Smith

    John Smith Guest

    For portability.

    John Smith, Oct 8, 2004
  5. John Smith

    Alan Browne Guest

    No idea and I won't lash you with the standard about how badly built in flash is
    from several points of view.

    See and look at the GN numbers.

    Alan Browne, Oct 8, 2004
  6. John Smith

    Mike Guest

    Minolta 800si. Not only is it the most powerful, it zooms.

    Mike, Oct 8, 2004
  7. I understand and I use mine often out of convenience. However there are
    so many advantages, like real power, that for serious things, I tend to
    ignore the built in.

    Sorry I can't offer any suggestions, I am not up on the current models.
    Joseph Meehan, Oct 8, 2004
  8. I had once looked at going with the 800si, but I found that not only was
    this old (ie, no productions anymore) technology but the prices for it
    used was nearly as much as a newer model camera.

    Richard H. Weiner, Oct 9, 2004
  9. I've tried the one on the Dynax 7xi, but it was very disappointing - it also
    threw the metering off, resulting in many underexposed and useless prints.

    Duncan J Murray, Oct 9, 2004
  10. John Smith

    Alan Browne Guest

    Hmmm. If the price is holding it must be one hell of a camera.
    Alan Browne, Oct 10, 2004
  11. John Smith

    Paul Coen Guest

    Must've looked a while ago. A used 800si at KEH in EX+ condition is under
    $300. BTW, it is a hell of a camera. My only complaint about the 800si (and
    the reason I didn't buy one) is that I find the button / switch interface
    on it just too fiddly. It would drive me nuts if I used it with gloves.

    I far prefer the dial interface that runs through the 600si, 9 and 7
    models. I just bought (finally) a Maxxum 7 since my 600si is starting to
    act up (front control wheel is shorting). However, it looks like the Maxxum
    7 is either discontinued or is on hiatus while the Maxxum 7D DSLR
    production was ramped up. (B&H, Adorama, and Samy's have all had the 7 on
    backorder for weeks). Anyone heard anything about it?
    Paul Coen, Oct 10, 2004
  12. John Smith

    Alan Browne Guest

    Interesting. I hope the 7 is still in prod., as it has only been out for a
    couple years. Perhaps the common parts have been re-routed to the 7D line to
    kick that up. The very low price of the 7 ($400 at B&H) is suggestive of "end
    of the line", however.

    They do have Maxxum 9's in stock at $1,060 so grab it while you can. I have a
    feeling that we won't see this class of film camera from K-M for a long time, if

    Alan Browne, Oct 10, 2004
  13. John Smith

    Mark M Guest

    It NEVER even occurs to me that my 10D has a built-in flash.
    -I simply do not use, or even consider using it in ANY situation.
    It's become automatic to grab my 550 and stick it on---almost in the same
    motion--while I pull the camera from my bag.

    My dad has the 10D as well, and he often wonders why his flash pics don't
    measure up. Answer: He uses only the built-in, and it just can't compare.
    Mark M, Oct 13, 2004
  14. John Smith

    Magnus W Guest

    100% agree. It is also one of the ugliest cameras ever made with that
    hideous flash housing.

    Otherwise it's a fine camera :)
    Magnus W, Oct 18, 2004
  15. John Smith

    Magnus W Guest

    Film is effectively dead in the 7-9 market. Don't expect another film 7/9.
    The naming of the clearly 5-class "Maxxum 70" (aka Dynax 60) should be seen
    in this context.

    Reports are that both the 7 and 9 are discontinued, even if they still may
    be in stock for some time...
    Magnus W, Oct 18, 2004
  16. John Smith

    Alan Browne Guest

    What reports? I suppose the low price of the Maxxum 9 and the crash price of
    the Maxxum 7 would support the end-of-run theory...

    Now suppose there will be a Maxxum F9D? Let's see:

    Full metal body with digital and film backs
    (Film backs include dark slide)
    full frame digital:
    12 Mpix CMOS with
    18 Mpix CMOS back to follow in a couple years
    (regretably, A/S is not available in the film back)
    Blue Tooth DL to backpack image tank
    PocketWizard transmitter and receiver built-in
    (Mamiya won't stand for it)

    Alan Browne, Oct 18, 2004
  17. John Smith

    Paul Coen Guest

    I've had a couple of retailers report problems getting the Maxxum 7, and
    the indication they got from the vendor channel is that it's basically
    discontinued. At the same time, B&H did just manage to get more of them, so
    who knows?

    With the LCD panel on it, I expect that the 7 is going to have a more
    limited shelf life in the used market than the 800si or the 9. Heck, that
    panel is one of the reasons I actually bought the Minolta 2-year warranty
    extension for the camera. I expect (barring need for shutter adjustments
    with that insane top shutter speed) the 9 will have a long, long shelf life
    in the used market.
    Paul Coen, Oct 18, 2004
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