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Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by k, Apr 26, 2008.

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    Although this is a commercial message it is probably of interest to
    those of you that have used Agfa chemicals in the past.

    FYI. The note came from:

    Warenlager / a view into the Rollei-Film/Agfa warehouse,
    Hamburg-Stapelfeld, Germany

    Today, we would like to inform you, that the production of AGFA b&w
    photo chemistry will continue. Good news from the change of ownership of
    the factory in Vaihingen (Germany).

    Successful efforts were made to convince the new owner of the chemical
    factory in Vaihingen, where Agfa chemicals have been produced for many
    decades, to continue production of the well known and proven Agfa
    chemicals. The formulas will remain unchanged. The continuation of
    production is the result of a close and trustful cooperation between
    the new ownership and a specialized company for photo chemistry packing.

    With this decision the new ownership make the commitment to supply the
    worldwide BW community with the established AGFA BW photo chemistry
    represented by these products:

    Rodinal: Legendary film developer.
    Studional: Film machine developer. (1:1-Rodinal Special)
    Neutol NE: Neutral tone paper developer.
    Neutol WA: Warme tone paper developer.
    Sistan: Silver stabilizer.
    Agefix: Fixer.
    Agefix Plus: Super concentrate Fixer.
    Agepon: Wetting agent
    Viradon: Toner.

    Supply will be through established distribution partners. For example
    FREESTYLE in the States.

    In the USA Freestyle has original Agfa Rodinal bottles in stock.
    In Canada the importer is Blazes AGFA and have b&w photo chemistry in stock.

    In all other countries the dealers, who sell Rollei-Film and Maco
    products. Please feel free to contact us for further information. We are
    glad to help you.

    "Rodinal is Agfa’s trademark name for their concentrated film developer
    formula, patented by Dr. Momme Andresen in 1891. It is the oldest
    continuously-produced developer formula in the world."

    - karl
    k, Apr 26, 2008
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