Agfacolor HDC / Vista

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Steve Wormuth, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. Hello,

    The site seems to not have updated its film recommendations
    section in a while. They have mentioned Agfacolor HDC as a great film, but
    that hasn't been made for over a year now. I contacted Agfa support and
    confirmed that HDC was replaced by the Vista series.

    Anyone have any opinions about Agfa Vista; specifically the 100? It seems
    like a very inexpensive film, so one must wonder... Am I better off going
    with Optima Prestige or Ultra, etc...

    Steve Wormuth, Jun 15, 2004
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  2. Steve Wormuth

    ian green Guest

    can't tell you much but
    1. agfa film developed in kodak/fuji chemistry in 1hourlab makes nice red
    saturated negatives
    2. agfa ultra 100 is worth trying for its rich colors - it is really ultra



    ian green

    Xeto : photo & graphic project :
    photo galleries @ BlurryImage : green
    selected photography :
    ian green, Jun 15, 2004
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  3. Steve Wormuth

    D.R. Guest


    Yup. Agfa Ultra 100 is awesome. My favourite colour
    negative film at the moment....
    D.R., Jun 16, 2004
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