AirShow Photography

Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by Joe Smith, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith Guest

    I am hoping to do some Air Show photography soon, Is a polarizer best used
    or avoided?
    Joe Smith, Jun 6, 2008
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  2. Hi Joe.

    Hope you enjoy the photography - I find it is great fun.

    I assume you are using a digital camera so why not try with and without and
    see which you prefer?

    Regards, Ian.
    Fred Anonymous, Jun 6, 2008
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  3. Joe Smith

    monopix Guest

    Depends what you are expecting it to do for you. Why are you considering it
    in the first place? In what way are you expecting it to improve the
    pictures? Why are you asking the question? I'm not being flippant here, it's
    just without knowing what your expectations are, it's impossible to give an
    answer. You could just as easily ask whether you should use a red or green
    or yellow filter, or whether you should use a 400mm lens or whether you
    should use flash. No one can answer unless you say why you are considering
    it in the first place.
    monopix, Jun 6, 2008
  4. Joe Smith

    John Guest

    I once used one with good results - however the effect on exposure meant
    that my speed was reduced a bit (as I recall 1.5 stops). That was with 35mm
    SLR. It was easy to see the benefit in the viewfinder.
    John, Jun 7, 2008
  5. Joe Smith

    sales Guest

    Hi Joe,

    Using a Polarising filter WILL help your images BUT will also
    decrease your light available for capture. with compounding issues on
    shutter speed, DOF.

    If your using a digital SLR, I'd suggest shoting in raw mode
    it will afford you greater flexability to to post process your images
    Shoot at circa 1/200th of a second or higher if they are flying
    & get as much depth of field as your lighting conditions allow & keep
    ISO levels as low as you can for better quality images.
    Have fun !

    Hope this helps.

    dtphotography - goole - east yorkshire
    sales, Jun 10, 2008
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