Aldi graphics tablet

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by kosh, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. kosh

    kosh Guest

    $69 medion graphics tablet.... A4 size

    this weeks spaecial at aldi .... pretty good value.

    reveiws in dpreview forums give it a huge thumbs up for the price....

    it's no wacom, but not too far off! 256 pressure sensitivities on the

    I have yet to install it, but thought you all might want to know about
    this bargain!

    kosh, Jan 12, 2006
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  2. kosh

    chrlz Guest

    Thanks for the heads up, kosh! I saw the ad and was interested, but
    then figured it was probably a p-o-s.. But if some folk have kind
    things to say, I think I'll give it a whirl. Not exactly a big loss if
    it isn't good, and I've wanted to try a g-t for a long time.. (O:

    Off to the nearest Aldi tomorrow.. Let us know how it goes, and I'll
    do the same.
    chrlz, Jan 13, 2006
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  3. kosh

    chrlz Guest

    About to install mine, which was the very last one at the Aldi in

    Heavens.. it's BIG!! I was sort of expecting the 'A4 size' to be the
    entire tablet, with a smaller workspace.. But it has a true working
    area of 22cm x 30cm (*larger* than A4), and of course the tablet itself
    is quite a bit larger than that again. That's a serious bit of
    deskspace compared to ye olde mousepad.. back shortly..
    chrlz, Jan 14, 2006
  4. kosh

    chrlz Guest

    ...well, it works.. Installed easily - haven't even touched the install
    CD's yet so I can't comment on the softwar/advanced stuff.. But so far
    it looks and feels good, the resolution seems excellent - I can use the
    stylus very precisely, everything works nicely. Normal mouse still
    works fine - at same time as using the pad.

    The bad side:
    - the stylus could be little nicer. It's not uncomfortable, but the
    buttons (and general design) is not especially ergonomic, and it just
    feels a bit 'cheap'.
    - the mouse has just a bit too much friction - I might try
    altering/shrinking the felt pads under it. There's also no scroll
    wheel on mouse (but I don't use that much anyway).
    - I get occasional pauses with the stylus. Nothing too annoying, and
    may be my inexperience showing!
    - no off switch on mouse or stylus.. I wonder how long the batteries
    last if just left unused..
    - almost useless printed manual. I guess there's a manual on cd...
    chrlz, Jan 14, 2006
  5. kosh

    kosh Guest

    cool, gonna h ave to have a play when I get a few minutes.
    I was not planning on using the mouse... surprisingly I ahve found a
    Logitech trackball to be excellent for selecting complicated shapes...
    not aas good as a tablet though.

    kosh, Jan 15, 2006
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