Alt.Photography Portfolio Review Thread for January

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Wild Cabayo, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. Wild Cabayo

    Wild Cabayo Guest

    Okay guys. Let's try and make this a group thing. Here's what I suggest.
    Let's use this thread as a common thread for posting requests for reviews
    (RFR). Here's how I envision it working in this thread. As soon as I submit
    this post, I will reply to it with an ROR of my own. People who have the
    time and interest in reviewing will reply directly to my request

    Here's how this thread's hierarchy should look like (if I've given clear

    \- (the root post [this post])
    |_ (RFR - Wild Horse PhotoGraphics)
    | |_ (reviewer 1 response)
    | |_ (reviewer 2 response)
    |_ (someone else's RFR)
    | |_ (reviewer 1 response)
    | |_ (reviewer 1 response)
    | and so on and so forth.

    Still reading? Good. Let's follow some ground rules for participating in the
    review process. I'll keep it short and sweet. Let's start with some things
    we can all expect from the get go.

    1) Acknowledge that your work will not please every reviewer. This is okay
    because, it's like chocolate and everyone doesn't like sweets. Catch my

    2) If you're going to say someone's work sucks, then give at least two or
    more sentences on why it sucks. Remember, people ask for reviews to look for
    insight on how their work might improve. Note to people being reviewed!
    not disagree with the reviewer (whether it's a bad or, good review). In
    fact, do not respond at all unless a poster asks you a question about your
    work. Reviewers! Do not ask smartass juvenile questions. Submit your review
    and move along.

    3) Let's adopt an Army mentality to this review process. Never leave a man
    behind. For us photogs, this translates to, never leave a portfolio

    4) Let's not use this review process to fish for compliments. We can get
    them elsewhere. Let's keep this strictly a review thread.

    5) Let's not get offended if one particular person doesn't do a review on
    your work. It could be that person might already think your works rock.
    Therefore, can't come up with words on how you can improve. Reviewing is a
    time consuming process.

    Still reading? Good. If your work hasn't been reviewed by anyone in a week's
    time, do not complain or, whine or, submit a post underneath the root post
    asking for a review. This ends up with a duplicate request for a review.
    Instead, review someone's work and at the end of your review, politely
    remind them that you have submitted a review request which has gone
    unanswered. This should trigger a response from the person you've just
    reviewed. If your RFR still has gone unanswered then, you're in position to
    tell all of us to stick it where the sun don't shine. Optimistically
    speaking, I doubt things will escalate to this level. At least I hope it

    Follow up RFRs. Let's say someone gave you constructive criticism and a few
    weeks later, you're interested in obtaining another review. Submit an RFR in
    the normal fashion but, in your subject line, add at the end, "2nd RFR".

    Example Subject Line: Please review my [whatever] portfolio. (2nd RFR).

    The first line of your post's text body should include a link back to your
    first RFR post as a courtesy reference for those now reviewing the results
    of your previous critique. Does that make any sense? If you don't know how
    to link back to another post, here's an example.

    My NewsReader (OutLook Express), automatically hyperlinked the second line
    (link back to one of my posts), which, when clicked, opens it in a new
    window. So, here's how your second RFR would look like.

    Subject: Please review latest work incorporating suggested improvements (2nd

    Message Body:
    [1st line] Refer to message

    Fellas, I followed so-and-so's suggestions. Let me know if my efforts are a
    hit, or a miss!

    Thanks in advance!

    Maintenance. If you notice, this post's subject line states that it's for
    the month of January. I anticipated that these review threads could become
    pretty lengthy. So, to avoid monster review threads, I propose we create a
    new one for each month. Those who didn't receive a review the previous
    month, should post an RFR in the thread for the current month. Note: If you
    received some good reviews one month, wait at least 2, 3 or, 6 months before
    submitting another RFR.

    So, if you guys think this idea has some merit and is worth doing, submit
    your RFR's!


    P.S. I'm a good starter and sometimes, a bad finisher. So, I'm counting on
    all of you to be part owners of this review process. In the event I get hit
    by a bus, I wouldn't want for anyone to see me as the "owner", or "lead". If
    you see leadership is slacking and needed, by all means, take the
    initiative. I won't get offended if you do.
    Wild Cabayo, Jan 5, 2007
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  2. Wild Cabayo

    Wild Cabayo Guest

    If you've got the time and the interest, visit my website at, and from the home page, click on my name to get to my
    About Me page. On the left hand side of the page are links to some of my
    portfolios. Pick anyone that interests you and review my work.

    Any feedback/suggestions for improvement is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Wild Horse PhotoGraphics
    Wild Cabayo, Jan 5, 2007
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