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Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by Just D, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. Just D

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    I'm the lucky owner of GL2, but I'd like to make my wife a gift buying
    another one, simple, hopefully cheap but convenient and relatively good
    camcorder, because she doesn't want even to touch this semi-pro one. :) I
    found a few simple ones in the nearest store, like:

    JVC GRD 372 US (for 280 USD)
    Panasonic PVGS36 (for 300 USD)

    and some others. I know, I saw similar threads here couples years ago about
    second alternative camcorder for those who's alredy having something more
    serious. What are the current models to take a closer look? For sure it
    should be DV, DV-IN is not important, photo as well :) What kind of photo we
    can talk having 1.3 MPx. In my mind this second one should be robust, give
    acceptable stability and quality, should not require extensive service every
    n months, etc. Just comparing these two models I noticed that Panasonic has
    a little bit better picture stability on the higher zooms, but it has a very
    poor, from my point of view of course, menu and settings are far from
    convenience. The button like shoot and stop/kill/break/menu, etc. are places
    so close that even having hands it's easy to miss and break the whole
    process down to a great frustration.

    Screen oriented menu like Sony are not good for those who's living in AZ,
    the Sun is very bright and I'd prefer to push a couple of real buttons than
    recall where all settings should be on the screen.

    Is anybody in this newsgroup is still tracking the latest DV models up to
    300 USD, some statistics, usability, service, and other parameters?

    Just D, Nov 24, 2006
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