An article I have just written about making a photo marketplace.

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    Greg's small business success story.
    How to earn when you are clever.
    Media selling for newbies.

    Although this article is not about photographing, let me introduce
    My name is Greg Madisson and I am a well-known photographer from
    Southern Spain.

    Luckily we live in the 21st century when a person who produces
    something is able to
    sell that easily. I am talking about photobanks and photo-auctions;
    there are
    tons of them and a photographer, especially a talented one, is able to
    earn some money.

    As for me, I always hated being dependable on somebody's will and I
    always dreamt to
    open my own business. Even working with a famous photobank I felt I do
    not have my own

    So I started thinking. What can I really do? The decision was -- to
    open my own website.
    I had a blog at already where I posted my photos (their
    smallest versions mostly)
    and I knew something about running a website. That would be a piece of
    cake I imagined.

    I am good at design so I made the presentation of the simple website
    myself and my younger
    brother helped me with moving that to html. The next thing was
    registering a domain name and
    purchasing hosting for my knew marketplace. That was really less than
    $15, I was inspired!

    What to do next? I found a problem. How to sell full versions of my
    photos? Which payment
    way to choose? How to program or at least setup all huge solutions on
    my small website?
    I was frustrated. Will my poor business die before being born?..

    It will not I said and started searching! I found a couple of
    companies who could help but their
    rates were terrible. One imagined I would be happy to give them 60% of
    my earnings! Ha! No way!
    Another one wanted a serious setup fee, which was no good for me.

    The third found company was (
    They had their system in
    beta-mode (and still have now as I know) and first I was worried. They
    promised to help me for free
    and their rate was really good. But I have nothing to lose!

    Their manager Andre was helping me by phone when I had any questions
    and I am really grateful to him for
    his help, I really had tons of stupid questions! Their technicians
    even cleared up html on my page
    and helped me setup everything on their side and even on mine! I felt
    lucky. That was totally free.

    The last thing I had to worry about was promoting my website (a
    professional photographer homepage).
    I have just put address of my page to all photobanks I worked with --
    to my signature, to my personal
    details, etc. That worked, I had 20-30 visitors a day and even got
    first 2 sales! Andre from contacted me personally with a congratulation. Oh how
    happy I was! Whoa, it goes!

    Next part was ordering links to my page at different companies. helped me much with that --
    they allow to do this easily.

    What do I have now? I popular website which I plan to make a photobank
    to help young talented people follow
    my steps. When I have a new photo, I create a new service and a
    billing routine at (which is less
    than a minute), upload my photo and I am almost over. After that I
    press a button and here I have a new page
    generated -- I add that to my site and my photo is ready for new

    I believe everyone who owns any media materials (music, video, text,
    any services) or wishes to sell in the Internet,
    can follow my steps and use my experience to succeed.

    I will have one more article soon, about promoting in the Internet for
    newbies. Of course, if I got responses from
    you, my readers, about this one. And if you like it!

    That's it I think. If you guys have any questions to me about this
    article or whatever else,
    please contact me by email:

    Thank you for your time.


    P.S.: Special Thanks to
    - (
    - Especially to Andre, you helped me really and I appreciate this,
    - (
    - (
    gregmadisson, Mar 28, 2007
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