Analog capture thru Sony DV to Firewire to PC quit working!

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Bert Storm, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. Bert Storm

    Bert Storm Guest

    I have been routing my VHS through my Sony GV900 and/or my VX2000 in
    to my firewire port with success... until last week when it quit
    working. Now when I hook up the firewire cable to the DV deck or
    camera all I get is a blue scree and the diaplay says "DV in"

    Seems I must have loaded some software or something that makes the
    deck only receive a DV signal from the PC.

    However, I know I am getting a signal form the VHS deck because as
    soon as I unplug the FW cable the picture pops up on my deck or camera
    and I can record onto dv Tape. I can also digitaize from the DV
    deck's tape into the PC (Using premiere and also tried Vegas Video and
    Pinnacle Studio8 and edition 5 with same results).

    Does anyone know if there is a .dll conflict or other piece of code
    that is blocking the signal from the DV to PC when trying to loop my
    VHS through it?

    I am using Premiere 6.5 and have Direct X 9 installed. what else
    would anyone need to know about my system??

    Much TIA, Rob
    Bert Storm, Aug 27, 2003
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  2. Bert Storm

    Jack Perry Guest

    you HAVE tried going through the menu's on your VX2K
    right? That's where you can config the port for in and out...
    Jack Perry, Aug 27, 2003
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