Analog Video to Digital Video Converter for Sony Screenblast

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by srr113, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. srr113

    srr113 Guest

    Hi Everyone, I'm just getting started with desktop video so I may not
    be asking to right questions. I purchased a Dazzle 150 which included a
    stripped down version of Pinnacle Studio software. This works OK, but I
    wanted more features so I shopped around. I finally decided on the Sony
    Screenblast Movie Studio software, which I really like. The problem is
    that the Dazzle 150 (which does a decent job) is not compatible with
    the Sony software. So I have to keep the Pinnacle software just to
    capture video. Then I load the digital version into Sony software to
    edit it. I've been searching for a conversion device or card for the
    Sony software, but am not finding much out there.

    Can someone give me some ideas on what I need to purchase?

    Thanks for the help

    srr113, Feb 20, 2005
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  2. srr113

    Mike Kujbida Guest

    The Dazzle captures to MPEG-2 format which, as you've discovered, your Sony
    software doesn't like.
    Do you have a miniDV or digital 8 camcorder? If so, then all you need is a
    basic firewire card for your computer and you're all set. Also, if your
    camcorder has a feature called pass-through, then you can connect an analog
    source (VHS VCR for example) to your camcorder and use it to "pass" the
    signal through it and into your computer. If all you have is a VHS/8mm.
    camcorder, invest in a Canopus ADVC-100 which gives you analog & firewire in
    and out.

    Mike Kujbida, Feb 20, 2005
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  3. srr113

    Alpha Guest

    This problem happens because of the lack of standards for capture devices.
    Why is is such a tragedy that the program that you like does not capture
    with your device? I can name some very expensive ($1,500+) video products
    where capture is separate from other functions....that is, a completely
    separate program, particularly if it is directly to Mpeg2 through hardware.
    Alpha, Feb 20, 2005
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