[ANN] Conoa 3D v1.7 and Conoa EasyShapes v1.3 are released

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Gil Irizarry, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. Gil Irizarry

    Gil Irizarry Guest

    [special offer details at the bottom!]

    Conoa, Inc. introduces the new Conoa CylinderWarp plug-in as part of
    the new Conoa EasyShapes package. Conoa CylinderWarp maps video to a
    cylinder, but also allows the cylinder to wrap, unwrap and flex. This
    level of warpage is not normally found in simple cylinder plug-ins!
    Conoa EasyShapes also includes upgrades to the previously available
    Conoa Sphere and Conoa Cube plug-ins. These plug-ins have been updated
    with the ability to better control shadows and reflections.

    Conoa plug-ins work within Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro,
    Discreet Combustion and Elastic Gasket from Profound Effects. Conoa
    plug-ins add true 3D capability to non-linear editors and compositors,
    add offers such features as texture-mapped objects, reflections,
    refractions, object intersections, shadows and much more.

    The core Conoa renderer has had many speed and image quality
    improvements and is now faster than ever. All Conoa plug-ins have been
    upgraded to include these new renderer changes. Conoa 3D has been
    upgraded to version 1.7 and Conoa Sphere and Conoa Cube have been
    upgraded to version 1.3

    All existing Conoa customers will receive free upgrades to the latest
    version of the plug-ins.

    Anyone who registers their purchase of any Conoa plug-in will receive
    a free Conoa EasyTinter plug-in. Conoa EasyTinter is a 3-way tinter
    that quickly tints your video. Registration may be done at the Conoa

    A free demo version of the entire Conoa plug-in set is available at
    the Conoa website.

    The new Conoa plug-in set will be demonstrated at the upcoming IBC2003
    conference as part of the Plug-in Pavilion. IBC will be held in
    Amsterdam from September 12 to September 16 in the RAI Convention
    Center. Conoa will be in booth #7.239. Make sure to stop by if you
    will be attending the show.

    **List price for Conoa 3D is $299 and the list price for Conoa
    EasyShapes is $109. Available throughout the month of September, Conoa
    is a offering special coupon on its on-line store for the new
    versions. Coupon code cibc03 will reduce the price of all plug-ins and
    upgrades by 20%.**
    Gil Irizarry, Sep 10, 2003
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