[ANN] Photoshop PSD parser/inspect/recover/extract tool available (GPL)

Discussion in 'Photoshop Tutorials' started by toby, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. toby

    toby Guest

    In case it's useful to anyone, I've released GPL code to parse, inspect
    and optionally extract PNGs from Photoshop PSD files. It's still under
    development but has been successfully tested with PSDs from PS5.5, 7.0
    and CS. It may help recover corrupt files that Photoshop itself won't

    PNG files can be extracted from raster layers. Supported modes are
    Bitmap, Grey Scale, Indexed and RGB Colour in 8 and 16 bit depths.
    Layer transparency is exported as PNG alpha.

    Makefile is provided to build with any UNIX compatible system, or
    Cygwin, Mingw etc under Windows (other native Win development systems
    should also work). See
    http://www.telegraphics.com.au/svn/psdparse/trunk/README.txt for more

    Latest source code may be found in Subversion repository at
    If you don't yet use Subversion*, then a tarball can be obtained via


    * a kickass open source version control system -
    toby, Apr 5, 2005
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