Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Annika1980, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. Annika1980

    Annika1980 Guest

    Going through some old family photos I found a photo of my parents
    which was taken about 9 months before I was born. This particular
    slide was well-preserved and still looks like it was taken last week
    (Kodachrome rules!). I then found a photo of myself (I don't have
    many) that I happened to take on top of Mt. Haleakala in Hawaii. Using
    Photoshop I put my pic over my mom's pic and thus created a photo of me
    and my dad that I will give him for XMAS. Oddly, in this photo my dad
    is about half my age.
    Perhaps I can find some old photos of myself where we are closer in
    If any of you have elderly parents that are still living, this might
    make a great gift idea for them.

    BTW, here is my photo:
    Annika1980, Dec 4, 2006
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  2. That's a great idea, Bret! Sadly, both my parents have passed away,
    but I thought of my older brothers and sisters (I'm the youngest in the
    family). Wonderful idea for Christmas!
    I don't have Photoshop, tho. I'll find someone who does.
    Your dad is a very handsome man.
    Thanks for the tip, Bret!
    helensilverburg, Dec 4, 2006
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  3. Annika1980

    Mardon Guest

    People do like these kinds of images. I've done a couple similar
    things myself but I cringe every time I do it. I'm interested in
    family history and it's already hard enough to figure out who the
    people are in old photographs. Photoshopping is going to give future
    genealogists some serious headaches. I don't recommend you post this
    idea in the soc.genealogy.* hierarchy. ;)
    Mardon, Dec 4, 2006
  4. Annika1980

    Kinon O'Cann Guest

    Pretty funny; your dad has this Kevin Costner/Tom Hanks thing going there.
    Cool shot. Post the shot atop Haleakala; I was there in July. Quite the
    place, no?

    I did something similar last year. An aunt who is the mother of a large
    family (13 kids) asked if I could assemble a group of pictures that featured
    all of her kids and the parents at age 10. I had a few shots I took myself,
    scanned a bunch more, and assembled a family portrait of all 15 of them at
    age 10. She was going to do if the old-fashioned way, paper and glue, but I
    told her I knew a better say. The final product was an 11x14 of all of them
    arranged similar to a family portrait shot two years ago. They loved it. I
    only wish my PS skills were better. Yes, I know.....lessons.
    Kinon O'Cann, Dec 4, 2006
  5. Annika1980

    Annika1980 Guest

    Haleakala is the best.
    Annika1980, Dec 4, 2006
  6. Annika1980

    TheDave© Guest

    My first thought was James Dean.
    TheDave©, Dec 4, 2006
  7. Annika1980

    Annika1980 Guest

    I think that's the way everybody looked back in the 50's.
    Annika1980, Dec 4, 2006
  8. That's what I thought too! Put more hair on his dad, comb it real
    cool-like and voila....James Dean. Honest!
    helensilverburg, Dec 4, 2006
  9. Annika1980

    Kinon O'Cann Guest

    Kinon O'Cann, Dec 4, 2006
  10. Great job! I really like it. I'm sure dear old dad is going to love it.

    Rita Ä Berkowitz, Dec 4, 2006
  11. Annika1980

    Draco Guest

    You have your fathers eyes, Bret. Grreat idea.


    Getting even isn't good enough.
    Draco, Dec 4, 2006
  12. Annika1980

    Alan Browne Guest

    You needed help with the post subject.

    PS: Good job and neat idea.

    Minolta 5400 Scan Elite scanner with ICE for sale.
    Write me. Remove Freelunch.
    Alan Browne, Dec 5, 2006
  13. Annika1980

    Alan Browne Guest

    ... OTOH ... the shadows are all wrong and the photog got his shadow
    in the pic.
    Alan Browne, Dec 5, 2006
  14. Annika1980

    Annika1980 Guest

    Well, you're half right.
    The shadows ARE all wrong. I need to re-take my pic under the proper
    However, the shadow on the wall is from the subjects, not the
    Annika1980, Dec 5, 2006
  15. However, the shadow on the wall is from the subjects, not the
    I thought one of the subjects was the photographer.....(Just kidding)
    Yeah, You should retake your photo when the light is right (coming from your
    left, like it was in your dad's photo) and then stitch that one in.....but,
    what the hell, it's still a neat picture........
    William Graham, Dec 5, 2006
  16. Annika1980

    Bob Hickey Guest

    That's what I thought too! Put more hair on his dad, comb it real
    cool-like and voila....James Dean. Honest!
    He looks a little like Dean, but without the attitude. Beside, back then it
    was almost a felony to comb your hair, zip up your jacket, or wear a belt.
    Of course, back on the East coast, it was just the opposite. Bob Hickey
    Bob Hickey, Dec 6, 2006
  17. Right.....And you couldn't wear a hat....Back East, when I was in H.S, I had
    to walk to school all Winter without a hat....Sometimes my wet, slicked back
    hair, would freeze solid on the way, so I could tap it with a pencil, and it
    would go, "Click, click".....It's a wonder I survived....:^)
    William Graham, Dec 6, 2006
  18. Annika1980

    TheDave© Guest

    What people will do for fashion. LOL!
    TheDave©, Dec 6, 2006
  19. Yeah....That was in 1952, when I was 17. Today, my doctor wonders why I
    never get a cold.....I tell him it's Darwin at work.....If I could catch a
    cold today, then I would've died on the way to school back in 1952.....
    William Graham, Dec 6, 2006
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