another hi rez pdf quark question

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by howldog, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. howldog

    howldog Guest

    Hey there.

    Another question about this hi rez pdf thing.

    Lets say i do some vector art in Illustrator and save as eps and place
    in Quark.

    Normally, the vector art is sort of resolution independent, isnt it? I
    mean, it is output via the imagesetter, at whatever resolution the
    imagesetter is set at? Or am i incorrect?

    point is, i always thought vector art was "output" at a very high
    resolution, 2400 or whatever.

    If I use hi rez pdf to the imagesetter, will it retain the very high
    line art resolution?

    What will happen to a vector art EPS if i select the downsample to 300
    menu pull-down? Will it downsample the vector art output to 300?

    howldog, Nov 14, 2003
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  2. howldog

    WharfRat Guest

    You do need to set a resolution when you create a document in Illustrator.
    That is why your "Document Setup" has:
    Printing and Export
    You should learn all about setting that stuff.

    The resolution is for the flatness of the vector lines -(not flattening)
    which will produce "smoothness" depending on the setting and the output
    You can get really jaggy, bitmap looking images from incorrect settings.

    Yes - the vector art should output high rez. (PDF or .eps)
    The downsample should effect bitmap files.

    WharfRat, Nov 15, 2003
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  3. howldog

    Eric Gill Guest

    No, you're right.
    No. You cannot "downsample" a vector any more than you can tune a fish.

    Those settings apply only to something with pixels in it.

    On the occasional you want to produce a low-rez version, say for a
    comping proof when you don't trust someone, you must distill the file
    then rasterize it at low-rez in Photoshop.
    Eric Gill, Nov 15, 2003
  4. howldog

    howldog Guest

    that is all i needed to know, thank you.

    i didnt see how it could downsample a vector image, but i wanted to
    make sure.
    howldog, Nov 17, 2003
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