Any feedback on the Minolta Dimage Z3?

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by Edw. Peach, Dec 23, 2004.

  1. Edw. Peach

    Edw. Peach Guest

    I realize some of you have nothing good to say about Minolta. If you
    are wired that way, please don't bother with this post. I am not a
    professional photographer and cannot afford that level of equipment
    and have a serious interest in this camera, and you trying to
    discourage me will have absolutely no affect on my decision here. I'm
    really asking this question to people who have actually tried this

    This new camera has a lot of what I'm looking for. For one, the
    telephoto lens, a 12X optical. The anti-shake technology, too. (I
    love coffee.) And a super fast shutter-(lack of)-delay. A salesman I
    spoke with told me it has to be one of the fastest in its price range.
    I snapped it and it was about as fast as as SLR. I do a lot of street
    photography and that is a feature I need. I lose a lot of shots
    waiting for my camera to set the auto focus on my present camera.

    However, I have heard through the grapevine that a complaint of this
    camera is poor picture quality. I don't know if this refers to
    something that is highly technical and requires a magnifying glass to
    detect, or just poor focus. I'm wondering...did Minolta sacrifice the
    image quality to deliver a super fast shutter reaction time?

    If you've tested this camera, please offer your feedback.

    Thank you.
    Edw. Peach, Dec 23, 2004
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  2. Edw. Peach

    Stan Guest

    For digital, I am using a Panasonic FZ10, and I am quite pleased. It
    has the 12x zoom, good picture quality, and a lot of other features,
    including anti shake.

    I am still looking at the Minolta equipment, because I think the anti
    shake in the body makes more sense, economically , than in all of the
    lenses. I have had Minolta almost all of my life, but none of the
    lenses will work with the new cameras.

    I had a Nikon Coolpix, but it was nothing but trouble. It was returned
    once under warranty, then replaced, and the replacement started having
    the same problems.

    Check the following for reviews:

    * * * To reply, remove numbers from address.

    Stan, New Orleans
    Stan, Dec 23, 2004
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  3. Edw. Peach

    Edw. Peach Guest

    Thanks Stan.

    I had a Nikon Coolpix 2100. It was okay, but I wasn't horribly
    impressed. I've been shooting with a Fuji S5000 and have gotten
    comfortable with it. It's in the shop right now, warranty work.
    However, for the type of shooting I do, the shutter delay ruins many
    photos for me. Also, a telltale focus beam on low lighting has given
    me away. LOL. That's why I was interested in this Dimage Z3. It's
    cheap enough for my budget and with a longer telephoto, 12X, super
    fast shutter (0.15 sec for wide, 0.20 for telephoto) AND anti-shake, I
    thought it would be an obvious pick for me.

    The reviews you patched in just described the features more or less.
    I will do more research on finding personal account reviews.

    Edw. Peach, Dec 24, 2004
  4. Edw. Peach

    Steve Guest

    Have a look at the Konica-Minolta forum in dpreview. You will see a lot of
    people 'voicing' their personal feelings about the Z3.
    Steve, Dec 25, 2004
  5. Edw. Peach

    BillB Guest

    Can't the AF illuminator be disabled? Fuji's S5100 has it as a
    menu option.
    BillB, Dec 26, 2004
  6. Edw. Peach

    Edw. Peach Guest

    I've looked through the entire manual and cannot find a mention of
    this. This model isn't what you'd call the top of the line for Fuji.
    In fact, it has been discontinued.

    Without that beam, how does the camera focus?
    Edw. Peach, Dec 27, 2004
  7. Edw. Peach

    BillB Guest

    I thought it probably had been discontinued, but it's still
    available in a few places. Although I don't agree, based on
    messages I saw in one internet forum a few S5000 owners think that
    the S5100/5500 is a step backwards. Some stores haven't gotten
    their first S5100 yet, or might have one demo model (same for the
    somewhat similar Kyocera M410R).

    Fuji doesn't state how its "fine precision autofocusing mechanism"
    works, but provides a long list of subjects and conditions that make
    focusing difficult or impossible. The AF illuminator can help only
    under some limited situations, such as when the subject is closer
    than 2 meters from the camera, and the lens isn't zoomed to a
    telephoto setting of 6x or more. While it can help focus when
    there's very little light, in some cases the EVF isn't sensitive
    enough to display anything until after the shutter is released and
    the flash fires. In that situation the camera becomes a P&S&H
    (point and shoot and hope).
    BillB, Dec 27, 2004
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