Any feedback on the Pentax DSLR's? Samsung

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by Bret Cohen, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Bret Cohen

    Bret Cohen Guest

    Hi all,
    I know that the Samsung is the same as the Pentax but any feedback on either

    Not particularly a fan of the AA battery option but looking for a quality
    DSLR and not to break the bank


    Bret Cohen, Aug 28, 2006
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  2. Bret Cohen

    Craig M Guest

    I also had looked at Pentax, but ended up going with the Nikon D-50 package,
    love the rechargable battery also.
    Craig M, Aug 28, 2006
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  3. Bret Cohen

    Ryan Robbins Guest

    What are you going to do when the proprietary battery wears out? You are
    aware of rechargeable AA batteries, aren't you? And you can buy them just
    about anywhere. Not so with a Nikon.
    Ryan Robbins, Aug 28, 2006
  4. Bret Cohen

    Joan Guest

    I have 2 batteries for my D50. When they stop holding their charge
    I'll buy 2 more. If I can no longer buy them, the camera will
    probably be ready for replacement.


    : : >I also had looked at Pentax, but ended up going with the Nikon D-50
    : >package,
    : > love the rechargable battery also.
    : What are you going to do when the proprietary battery wears out? You
    : aware of rechargeable AA batteries, aren't you? And you can buy them
    : about anywhere. Not so with a Nikon.
    Joan, Aug 28, 2006
  5. Bret Cohen

    Pete D Guest

    Which Samsung? They make 2, 1S/1L! Which Pentax? They make or have made 7
    different versions, D/DS/DL/DS2/DL2/K100D/K110D! The new K100D is very nice,
    personally I am waiting for the K10D to replace my DS. AA batteries work
    perfectly well, just get some NiMh AA's, let you take around 400-500 shots
    on a charge or the AA lithiums non rechargeables let you take 800-1000
    shots, gotta be happy with that, you can also get rechargeable lithiums.
    Pete D, Aug 28, 2006
  6. Bret Cohen

    Charlie Self Guest

    Rechargeable lithiums in AA? I can't find them. Try RCVR-3. Still high
    end, though. I like AAs primarily because it keeps me to one type of
    battery for all my gear, flash and camera. I use NiMH, and keep two or
    three packs of long storage life lithium in the bag, just in case. With
    freshly charged batteries in the Pentax *istD, fand the flash, I'm good
    for about 600 shots without worries. I have three extra sets I keep
    charged. That totals out at a minimum of 1800, while the two lithium
    packs currently in the bag add at least 2400 more. If that isn't
    enough, I'll go to WalMart and drop 10 bucks for another pack.

    The flash? I have absolutely no idea how long it will pop on four
    freshly charged NiMH AA cells, as I've never run it all the way down.
    It's a good sized flash, the Pentax 500FTZ, and I don't think I've ever
    fired it more than 75 times in one day.
    Charlie Self, Aug 28, 2006
  7. Bret Cohen

    Pete D Guest

    Yes, CRV3, they are cheap, lot more available than when I bought my DS in
    Dec 2004, sounds like we have similar setup with the NiMh batteries, love
    Pete D, Aug 28, 2006
  8. Bret Cohen

    Craig M Guest

    Hey Joan, I agree with you, I have 2 batteries also, and there life in the
    camera is so good, I bet they will last a while, and I bet they will be
    avaiable for a while yet to come, and I love my D-50.
    Craig M, Aug 28, 2006
  9. Bret Cohen

    Ben Brugman Guest

    There is nothing wrong with the battery that goes with the Nikon, there
    is nothing wrong with most batteries that come with equipment. But
    using different types of equipment you are using different chargers as
    well. When on vacation I have to cary a lot of chargers, and some spare
    batteries for stuf which only work on batteries. (At least 9 different types
    of batteries I can think of now, but I could be forgetting some types).

    This includes the AA type, but that is used for torches, a Mp3 player,
    the external flash, a radio and some equipment used by my wife and
    by my children.

    So I prefer to buy equipment with AA or AAA type of batteries, because
    this reduces the number of chargers and the number of types of batteries
    I have to bring.

    Ben Brugman, Aug 28, 2006
  10. Bret Cohen

    Ron Guest

    This is one of those things that gets everybody going to war with each
    other. I am a firm believer in BOTH. For my small walk-around camera
    that I keep in the car and pop in my pocket I like twio AA's and a CRV3
    rechargeable option. The little camera runs a long time and I know I
    can always find replacements.

    For my Oly dslr and an advanced prosumer I have come to really like the
    proprietary batteries. Why? When I used a four AA battery digicam I
    often had to fumble my way through a great opportunity to load them
    properly. And throwing four batteries of any kind into one's pocket
    isn't too smart. And, they never gave me the longevity I needed. And,
    even good NiMh's would start to lose some punch I went to eBay and
    other dealers and picked up some pretty inexpensive Oly replacements as
    backups to premiem Oly branded ones, and can easily get in a busy week
    of shooting with four batteries. In fact, I sometimes leave my charger
    home (knocking on wood, of course). I've downsized my charger by
    trimming its cord so when I do bring it along it's easy to tuck in. Of
    course, I could use two CRV3's in a Pentax but am happy with the Oly
    BLM-1s and my Oly system. Just a couple of cents.

    Ron, Aug 30, 2006
  11. Bret Cohen

    Jock Guest

    No idea re. the Samsung, never knew they did a camera at all!
    I have the *istD and have rechargeable batteries in it, a set of CRV-3 as
    backup and a set of Nicads in the AF360FGZ if I run low on the others. No
    problem and their being AA is great. I have a car charger & mains charger
    for them as well. My Sony Cybershot & prop. batteries lack the
    flexibility - I have 2 spare NPFM50's there as well - mains charging only.
    Get what you like, live with your choice.
    As a camera, the Pentax is great. I have shot approx 7,000 images in almost
    2 years and no problems. has a few examples.
    Jock, Aug 30, 2006
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